The Google keyboard is updated with huge animated emoticons

The Google keyboard is updated with huge animated emoticons


Google has several services and applications to pay attention to. In fact, many of them, like Feedburner or Google Reader, are abandoned or closed.

Others are luckier and see how their developers care, adding new features. In this section, we would have important services, like Gmail or Maps, but also others that do not stop improving, like Gboard .

Google's standard Android keyboard was renewed in the Google Play Store with two features. The first is the inclusion of compatibility with no less than 40 new languages ​​ and the second is related to adhesives .



New sticker packs on the Gboard

A few months ago, we said that the Gboard was updated to be compatible with Bitmoji, the service that allowed you to create your own avatar and, from there, generate images in various situations.

The possibility to browse and send GIFs directly without leaving the keyboard was also implemented and now we see how the adhesive packages were activated.

In the last update, a package with the emojis we knew about HangOuts was preinstalled only in animated mode. So far, it only worked if we had Google Allo installed and downloaded from the sticker packs.

Or we can also use them to install third-party applications.

Free and paid packages

We can download more packages from the Google Play Store, some of which are free and other payments. To do this, simply click the green + icon that appears to the right and the application will take us to the section of the application store that integrates those changes.

 Free and paid packages "width =" 800 "height =" 474 "/> </p>
<p> We tried out various apps like WhatsApp, Twitter or Telegram and they are sent as a conventional GIF file, for example, in WhatsApp, they will not play automatically. </p>
<p> The app is already available on Google Play, but if you do not ignore it, you can download it from <a href= APKMirror .

Version: varies by device

Author: Google LLC

Requires Android varies by device

Size: Varies by device


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