The hidden side of the analysis of Android phones told by their...

The hidden side of the analysis of Android phones told by their protagonists


To do analysis is not pick up a cell phone, write the first thing that comes your way and that's it. It is a difficult job at times neglected and discredited.

I work since November 2013 for The Free Android. They are already 46 reviews of smartphones, tablets and other devices I made for this blog. Very elaborate articles that involve a lot of time of accomplishment. Both in the test of the device itself and in writing, layout and photographs. Handsome work.

There are already 46 ratings that I do and I still think it's a job that is not grateful enough . It is true that sometimes I found comments that I would shape because they appreciate and encourage you to keep doing. People will then seek you out on social networks to ask you something very concrete that you might not have posted because you did not see it relevant.


"The positive part is being able to respond to people who ask for your opinion, give them advice on what to buy," Fernando

But there is also the hidden side of doing analysis and it is the destructive and ungrateful comments that we sometimes find in the background. " Go small as a payment mark X ", etc. This means that all the work you have performed in depth and looking for another round of analysis will go to waste. In the end, what commented on this, entered, saw the specifications, leave the comment and leave is the one that causes the greatest "damage" to the editor himself.

In the end, I choose not to read the comments and ask my colleagues what they thought

Manuel J. Gutiérrez taking photos for a review

After 4 years working in El Androide Libre I learned a lot to deal with these comments. I do my job and trust the criticism my colleagues make. Because? Because when we say something, we do it as a team, to improve the overall quality of the blog. Because we know what it's like to work with it. As a person who leaves this comment, has no idea what it is to be on the other side of the article that writes it .

It's because of these comments that I think the work done to bring an analysis to the blog is not grateful enough. " The most important thing is that, while you have the cell phone you're analyzing, you're working ," Fernando told me. From contacting the brand to give us the device to layout and ordering all the text before publishing it through the test of the device. All this takes a lot of time and we do it with pleasure.

We do this because our geek side weighs more than the work involved in an analysis

Ivan Linares: "I do not complain: in the end, the balance between the negative and the positive of a review always falls on the side of good"

If so much work involves an analysis, why do we do it? Simple, because we love technology . Iván Linares told me: " Being a geek since almost born, to have some excuse to try a new" pot "is a joy ". And I agree with him. If they continue to do analysis, it is because it compensates for the balance for all these people. They like technology and like to be able to try the new one on the market.

When we do an analysis, it is as much for us as for the person who is reading this because he is interested in buying that phone. " That they have all the important information about what a cell phone is, everything the ads do not tell you ," said Ivan Peñalba when I asked him. And it's true, an ad will always tell you good, it's never bad. It will not tell you " The new Galaxy S9 has an incredible screen but leaves the mark of the fingers on the back ". " So when I look at a cell phone, I feel the most important thing, and where I try to emphasize more, is not whether a cell phone is good or bad, but who deserves it or not ," concludes Ivan . .

Empathize with the end user and convey the experience they will have when they buy it

Trying a famous game to see how it works: Real Racing 3

Telling your experience in a market where cell phones in your spec sheet are almost tracked is essential. When you do a review, you should become the user who is going to buy the cell phone . This will open the box and you will place your SIM to turn it into your personal cell phone for a while. "… since I personally always use this as an exclusive personal phone, I never go with another secondary," said Fernando.

"Although it's a routine for me, I spend between two and three hours a week, getting the new cellphone ready," Fernando

Converting this new cell phone you are analyzing into personal means having to set it up as your personal cell phone. They tell me, " Manu, do not you get tired of having to change your phone all the time? ". And the answer is yes. But then, when I see my published publication, I feel great. Because it's more personal having tried what you set up and used it for a week or two as your only cell phone.

An analysis is not only to prove this, it is to understand it in its context and in the general market

Comparing the iPhone X with the Pixel 2 XL (Photo by Paolo)

However, the job of a review is not just to test the smartphone in question. You should know the market be used to see their news. Know the path that follows the mark that launches it. Whether a particular decision is something innovative or has been forced by the rest of the market. " … to understand its context in the rest of the market ," Paolo told me when I asked how it was for him to do a review.

"… understand their context in the rest of the market," Paolo

" To do a review is to have years of experience and have tried hundreds of products, proved to have at least a week ," says Paolo. And it's true, you can not analyze a cell phone in two days because you did not have time to try what it is to have it as a personal cell phone. In El Androide Libre we have this "policy" and try the cell phone for at least a week. It is true that problems may arise a posteriori, but personal experience which will have most buyers is in a week or two.

It's not the same as the Huawei releases under the Honor brand, some animojis after the impact of the iPhone X, that Sony launches a phone without frames or when Samsung launched its S6 Edge with curved edges. They are different contexts. We must analyze each important aspect according to what covers it. If Sony launches a screenless phone, it is because it forced the market, while the curved edges of the S6 Edge were innovative and eager to distinguish themselves from the rest of the market. They are different contexts and they need to be valued.

There is a lot of work behind every analysis of a device

Working in the cafeteria to "disconnect" (Photo by Pedro)

I really wanted to do this kind of article. Remove the side of the person behind every review you see in free Android. Testing so many devices to analyze them is what every technology lover would like. " Although he is able to try new devices before anyone is great and balances the balance a lot ," Luzeon, also known as Manuel Jesús, my namesake, told me on this blog.

Making a quality review involves a lot of work, more than what you see in the words of 2000 or 3000 in the article. You have to know the market, know the brand and know the trends you are taking. You should take pictures that enter through the eyes and thoroughly test the device. All this without leaving aside the experience of natural use. So before you comment on another review of this page or another, keep that in mind, because this applies to many media that do device scans.


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