The HTC Desire 12 Plus also sees its filtered features

The HTC Desire 12 Plus also sees its filtered features


HTC is in a somewhat strange situation. A few months ago he sold a large part of his business to Google, especially the one who created the Pixel terminals for the American company and with that sale, more than a thousand engineers left. This advanced the orientation of the Asian company to virtual reality, where it advanced with Vive.

We know that this would not imply the disappearance of the HTC cell phones although in the CMM that has just concluded no announcement was made.

Although we know the brand was working on a low and low level terminal called HTC Desire 12 and it turns out that it will not come alone.


HTC Desire 12 Plus with larger size

This model will have a larger version of the screen and battery as well as more power. The HTC Desire Plus will be a 6 inch diagonal screenphone with a resolution of 1440 x 720 px since HTC adds to the screens with an 18: 9 or 2: 1 ratio.

Will use a processor Snapdragon 450 and will have 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory of which only more than 23 GB will be free for the user, a normal figure unfortunately.

It will have dimensions of 158.24 x 76.54 x 8.39 mm and will weigh 155 grams, a figure very low for its size.

The battery, on the other hand, will not be especially large with 2965 mAh although it is probably sold as 3000 mAh. Of course, it looks like it will have some fast loading system.

This model and her little brother should be announced in the spring, although we do not expect to see a big display at least in Spain, where HTC's operations were reduced to a minimum a few months ago and where competition now with the arrival of Xiaomi and future of other brands such as Oppo will be much more intense.


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