The HTC U 11 can enlarge the screen and more when you...

The HTC U 11 can enlarge the screen and more when you squeeze it


The sensitive edges feature of the HTC U 11 keeps updating. Now it becomes a more convenient way to play or double-tap applications.

We are in a saturated market full of devices that compete with each other. Almost all phones look alike, they all have the same functions, they all do the same … so manufacturers are looking to differentiate so desperately. They can be unique functions, or a layer of customization, or a bold design, or something no one else has. But there has to be a key point to serve as a differentiator.

HTC, a Taiwanese manufacturer, opted this year for pressure-sensitive margins . The HTC U 11 has sensors in the frames that detect when we press them and we apply different actions to the pressure. In our analysis of the HTC U 11, we tested this, concluding that is a system with potential . And its possibilities continue to grow thanks to the updates.

Sensitive edges are updated with more functions

The great thing about Edge Sense is that we can now use it as an alternative to play one and two times . That is, we can assign functions in applications that are normally reserved to touch the interface on the screen. For example, control video playback, access Maps, or even control a game.

HTC worked on 6 application examples, although we can configure it for any other application . It also supports start-up with any music application that tracks Android music control standards. Edge Sense will work on any application, even changing quickly between them.

The upgrade will reach all owners of a HTC U 11 in the coming days. HTC is talking about an update that we have to point to and this will serve to perfect the experience with sensitive edges. In other words, all this is in evidence and the Taiwanese are looking for people to prove it.


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