The iPhone X was copied to Samsung Do you really care about...

The iPhone X was copied to Samsung Do you really care about anyone?


Many of the new features of the new Apple iPhone we already know about Android. Did you copy Apple from Samsung? What do users leave this brand war? We look at what copying means.

The presentation of the new iPhone is always an event where we always watch closely the news that Cupertino presents. Yes we are on an Android blog and we do not call ourselves "The Free iPhone", but we must remember that sometimes to learn more also care about looking at others . See what they do and what we can learn from them. And sometimes, see that others also learn from us.

iPhone X, the biggest revolution in an iPhone.


In the presentation of the new iPhone, we can see that Apple learned a lot Android and its variety, especially the most direct rival. We talked about Samsung.

Apple copied a lot for Samsung. Is it really a bad thing?

With today's headline, we went a bit to one of the possible interpretations of the market. For many, see the new iPhone X might think, "It's a copy of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8," and according to the rigor we put, could be right.

Fast charging, wireless charging, almost unmarked display, facial recognition almost impossible to fool, dual optical stabilization on the rear cameras, design that combines metal and glass (although we already see this on the iPhone 4), are some of the features of the new iPhone, and certainly are features that we already enjoy, to a greater or lesser extent, in Android phones. More on Samsung but also on other terminals of other brands, such as LG.

Instead of hating Apple, it would make more sense to praise Samsung.

Everyone copies everything, but there are always improvements

<img class = "aligncenter size-full wp-image-324577" src = " .jpg "alt =" It's impossible to fool the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with a photo and iris "

Let's start from a base. Creating something based on an original idea is usually a merit that very few are usually attributed. Generally, a technology is created in laboratories or R & D centers, and usually has no value until someone gives it a meaning.

Making sense of technology is something complicated and risky is something that if failures can lead to ruin, and if you do well, everyone will copy. Therefore, patents were created to compensate those who had the idea and protect their intellectual property.

Normally the issue of patents is often distorted on the negative side (the absurd judgments we already know), but they are there for something. If Apple is using technology patented by another company, you will need to obtain a license (giving back to its creator). Not only Apple, but any company that infringes on the patents of others.

If everyone bets on proprietary technology, the market would be a disaster.

In my personal aspect, I think that when choosing between an iPhone and another cell phone the difference is in the operating system. Android and iOS are at a similar maturity level. Some prefer Android, others prefer iOS but I think we all deserve access to the best features, regardless of our favorite system.

Let's go with iOS, I'd love for 3D Touch technology to have been better on Android, and the fact is, seeing the level of development of ARKit against ARCore, I envy a little of that. I also want to have TrueTone on my Android phone (currently a Honor 9), but I do not plan to buy an iPhone. These are the things that make us all advance.

Discussions about who copied who does not change anything

What if this 2014 cell phone banned others from making screens without pictures?

But let's go to the car. Occasionally there are discussions between fans. What if you pay Sony, what if we just talk about Samsung, what if iPhone Free. In the end, the editors on this and other blogs are human people and not robots that are injected in exchange for advertising.

The human side of our opinions is that every user has his favoritism . Here in The Free Android there are editors who love Samsung, others who hate it. Some have an iPhone, others are huge fans of Xiaomi and others want the Nexus back to the market. Even a server is delighted with Honor 9 and the Emui customization layer.

As users, discuss who copied who only creates fights without winners

But ahead of all, our vision is to look at the market and where the industry is moving forward and ask us the why of things. To be constructive, to look at each new version and to think "wow, I would love that my cell phone could do that"

In the end, as users, what we are looking for is to have the best value at the best price and if the manufacturers were not inspired continuously, we would have cell phones with star-shaped screens, or worse. We would have monopolies.

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