The last on Facebook is a Messenger only for children

The last on Facebook is a Messenger only for children


Facebook has developed a version of your Messenger specifically for children: secure, with contacts approved by parents and also controlled by them.

Parents are facing a serious dilemma when their children ask a smartphone to communicate with their friends . Come in and risk them or ask them to put up a little more without the social communications. WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram … are really popular, but they run a serious risk in the case of minors. So there are apps just for kids as is the case with Facebook Messenger Kids.

What is this new version of Messenger? The idea is clear: it is a limited communication tool for children to communicate only with contacts approved by their parents . It aspires to become a secure and protected network; always without neglecting attractive aspects of mobile communication, such as photos edited with stickers.

Facebook Messenger Kids brings all the good of direct communication between users with the security of private networks. In this way, the parents will know with whom the children speak; making sure no stranger enters the children's lives.

Children only but controlled by parents' Facebook

Children will have their personal space to talk to friends without parents knowing what they are saying, but parents will have the key to the contacts they can talk to. Facebook Messenger Kids has several locking tools that can be accessed from the Facebook account with which the application was created. It is a very simple process: in a few minutes children will have their own secure communication tool .

The children's version of Messenger has chat communication in addition to calls, video calls, sending video and audio … Even video group calls . And yes, only for previously approved contacts.

 The last one on Facebook is a Messenger for children only. </p>
<p> Facebook Messenger Kids was developed with the help of experts in childhood and also in collaboration with parents' associations. It is an application <strong> no ads, secure and free </strong>. Although yes, for now, remains in tests for devices with iOS: Android will come in the next few months, Facebook does not specify when. </p>
<h2> Children do not need mobile messages, it is better to wait </h2>
<p> Every parent educates their children as he believes best, but he must evaluate whether it is appropriate or not to give a cell phone to the little ones. They will ask first to play and then connect with their friends, it is logical, although <strong> we should restrict social networks and messages as long as possible </strong>. Playing does not imply greater danger beyond the fact that the game is not multiplayer; In the field of messages, things change. </p>
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