The Meizu M6 filters the date of presentation and the characteristics very...

The Meizu M6 filters the date of presentation and the characteristics very seen


Meizu just confirmed the existence of Meizu M6. It will be unveiled on September 20, and rumors continue to show us how the device will be.

These first months of the second half of the year are being very moved to the world of smartphones. Renowned manufacturers, such as Samsung, LG or Apple, have already removed the phones with which they want to face what remains of 2017. And smaller manufacturers do not want to be left behind they also want to be on the crest of the wave

A relatively short time ago, the Meizu Pro 7 was introduced: a phone that stands out by the rear auxiliary screen. But that did not mean that the Chinese mobile company has stopped working, because it has something else in the launch furnace . Of course, we are talking about the Meizu M6 that is falling.

The Meizu M6 will be presented on September 20 …

Meizu confirmed the date of presentation that you have in this line: September 20 . The presentation will have as main theme the Meizu M6, but it is not known if the company wants to present something else at the event. The image also does not reveal many details only that the Meizu M6 will be presented. You have to wait for that day to find out.

… and smartphone details are still being filtered

But the rumors do not stop coming out, and the last two are images of the device. The images show the phone with CPU-Z open a component review application. Thanks to this, we know you will have a MediaTek MT6750, a Mali-T860, a 5.2-inch HD screen, 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory.

The rest of the rumors indicate that the Meizu M6 will look a lot like her little brother, the Meizu M5. It will be available with two SIM cards in four colors and Android Nougat with customization layer of Flyme OS .


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