The module clock exists, has Android and you can buy it

The module clock exists, has Android and you can buy it


Blocks is a modular watch that was funded by the Kickstarter in 2014. After several delays, you can already buy it. And it has different modules to expand your possibilities.

It is very annoying that a device remains old because in general there is usually no choice but to buy another if we want to use the last available options . This not only implies an economic waste, but also an exaggerated expenditure of resources that has repercussions in many areas, especially the environment. In all these points, there is a trend that is still far from becoming popular, but that has certain followers: modules .

Any technological device could work with modules: this way, we would only update the component we want without ruling out the rest of the device . In smartphones did not finish defining despite having representatives like Motorola and its Moto Mods now is the turn of smart watches. Yes, smartwatches with modules.

Blocks already has a few years: we talked about it in July 2014 . What was originally a promise turned out to be a reality: now you can buy the clock that expands by modules. And the eye, which comes with Android 8 Oreo and not Android Wear.

6 modules available: extra battery, pulse sensor, environmental analysis …

 The modular clock is there, it has Android and you can buy it "</p>
<p> Blocks are now available for purchase, so it's not a promise any more. The appearance is quite similar to a simple design smartwatch; with round dial and a certain air of Samsung Gear S2. The general features are what we usually see on a typical smart watch, although <strong> the software is not a specific version for watches </strong> Blocks has decided to adapt Android 8 Oreo to their needs. </p>
<p> The hardware Smartwatch Blocks is as follows: </p>
<li> AMOLED 1.39-inch round screen with a resolution of 400 × 400 pixels. </li>
<li> MediaTek MTK6580M processor with 4 cores at 1.39 GHz. </li>
<li> <strong> RAM </strong>: 512 MB. </li>
<li> <strong> Storage </strong>: 4 GB. </li>
<li> WiFi, Bluetooth, vibration, microphone and speaker. </li>
<li> <strong> Battery </strong>: 350 mAh. </li>
<li> <strong> Modules currently available </strong>: environmental measurement, heart rate, flashlight, smart button, GPS and extra battery. </li>
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The modules are connected to the watch case with a proprietary connector

One of these doubts is that we can not incorporate all the functions at the same time then we will have to choose. We also do not know if the modules go away with the practice of exercise or with a stroke, for example. Not to mention the price: each module costs 35 dollars, a not very high cost that increases if we consider that the clock does not have all the functions natively .

 The modular clock does exist, it has Android and you can buy it "</p>
<p> Another of the most impressive data is the choice of operating system for Smartwatch Blocks. Instead of opting for the logic of Android Wear, the company is committed to adapt a full version of the operating system, not even <a href= Android Go . You'll have to see performance on such basic hardware, no matter how much a watch does not require a lot of power.

Price and availability of smartwatch Blocks

As we said, the blocks can now be purchased, as well as all the modules of the first phase (the company is developing more and will open this development to those who wish to collaborate). The clock can be shipped worldwide for $ 15. Blocks, in its base version, costs $ 274 ; with $ 35 extra for each module you order. What do you all want? You will pay $ 469, something expensive for a smartwatch even if the package offers very complete benefits. And future …


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