The most downloaded application is a dangerous flashlight application

The most downloaded application is a dangerous flashlight application


History repeats itself many times: although the applications of the lantern are dangerous, they are among the most downloaded. Like the Flashlight: number 1, even if it accesses the whole cell without needing it.

The flashlight applications have a bad name on Android, quite deserved. It is not the first time that such applications become a danger to their users due to the introduction of malware in the phone; which is favored by the huge amount of licenses they usually ask for . Something like this happens with the current Google Play Store number 1. Yes, a flashlight app has taken the place of the all-powerful WhatsApp.

How can you upload a flashlight app to number 1 on Google Play in Spain? It's not a mystery: this kind of apps are promoted in other app ads and through internet banners for they leverage user confidence . Why, who wants a flashlight app if most phones already come with this feature?

A bright flashlight application as it "brings a lot of light"

An application will not make the flash more or less light when it is activated with full power, so any argument that promises is a fraud . And also the "Flashlight", the application that increased to number 1 and has already accumulated a total of downloads that is between 10 and 50 million. Almost anything.

The brightest flashlight, the fastest, the most saved … All lies: depends on the hardware of the cell phone

One of the details is that the Flashlight application also has a very high number of positive votes . Also not complicated, an application of this type only needs to activate the flash and the point; As much as it adds extra functions such as strobe lights and the possibility of making a flashlight with the screen. The problem comes with the additions: is an application that infects users who advertise even when they are not using the flashlight.

If the unwanted advertising popup is not enough to uninstall it, the application in question is Chinese and asks for permission for almost the entire mobile . Including access to contacts, location, phone, device ID … It is an absolute danger to the millions of users who installed it and who, almost certainly, gave all their data to the company.

Before installing a flashlight app, find out if your cell phone already has it

 The most downloaded application is a dangerous flashlight application "</p>
<p> Seriously, do not install flashlight apps. And, if you find a friend you have installed on your device, take the opportunity to delete it. <strong> Most phones have their own lighting application </strong> You just need to edit your status bar and look for the direct connector that activates. </p>
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The top in Google Play downloads is an additional demonstration that Google does not do its inspection work as it should . You should ensure that each app has access only to what you really need . Why do you want a flashlight app to access your phone or contacts? This gives a good clue to the true intentions.


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