The new iPhone 8 and iPhone X will revive the wireless load...

The new iPhone 8 and iPhone X will revive the wireless load on Android


The mobile industry, like many others, seeks to create innovative elements that enhance their products and make them more attractive to their consumers. However, inventing from scratch is very difficult and that is why, on many occasions, they are inspired and in others, we directly see elements copied

Everything about the wireless load of the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X

In the presentation of the new iPhone, Apple has bet on including countless new features, from your point of view, we have already seen on Android. The most visible of the latest iPhone is its screen, with OLED technology that also does not just have borders.


But it's not the only hardware implementation that caught the eye yesterday and actually think it will not affect the Android ecosystem anymore. Last year, the Xiaomi Mi MIX was the mobile that made the 2017 design line go to the screens without frames, so this iPhone will accentuate this trend.

What I liked the most is that Apple has finally introduced the wireless charge, something that Android looks and has seen, but it's still not something massive.

Putting old-fashioned concepts in fashion

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And this is the key to what Apple can do, it can popularize the technologies. No company in the world has the brand image needed to do it at speed and with the impact of Apple.

We've already seen dual camera phones before the iPhone 7 Plus, but that was the only one that made every manufacturer try to improve theirs. We also saw cell phones with fingerprint sensors before the iPhone 5S, but again it was an Apple smartphone that moved the entire industry in that direction. This is exactly what I expect Apple to do with the adoption of this type of charge.

Qi, an industry standard

Fortunately this time, the company run by Tim Cook preferred to keep the standards and in the hand of Qi also wants to improve the whole industry with innovations such as AirPower, which allows to load multiple devices at the same time.

The future of cargo in various places

Although it is normal to carry our mobile phone on the bedside table or in the living room, the images published by Apple have shown us that many companies will not hesitate to use this type of chargers in the most varied places.

Imagine a boot on a train, at a restaurant or in a store. Personally, I've managed to use a wireless charger in a restaurant and the truth is that it's comfortable, but when it comes to the truth, you do not remember doing it if you're in a place that frequents

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But Apple is strong enough to change the way companies that are not in their industry behave. He did with the mobile payments and could do it with the wireless load.

A limitation of design

 The new iPhone 8 and the iPhone X will bring the wireless charge back to Android "One of the problems of charging wirelessly is that the terminals can not have the back of metal as it would not work. At least, this is the case, since Qualcomm seems to have solved this problem </p>
<p> However, however, we should go to glass or polycarbonate in order to use this type of load that is not exclusive. This is also fundamental because we will not always go with the loader in the back. </p>
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Qualcomm has found a way to offer wireless charging for metal devices

Qualcomm today introduced the solution for wireless charging of metal devices. We will inform you all details of this new technology.

The future will be the wireless magnetic resonance load

We must not forget that this is just one step ahead of what is expected to be the true revolution, a loading system that does not even need to be in contact with the shipper.

We'll have to wait several months to check the length of Apple's shadow in this section, and if in addition to the turn of the Galaxy S or LG G next year we see cheaper cellphones with this technology, whether or not so fast and efficient as we expect is Apple, or is already Samsung.


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