The new Samsung cell phone with cover is as powerful as the...

The new Samsung cell phone with cover is as powerful as the Galaxy S8


The Samsung Covered Cell Phone that has just come out comes with several surprises under the cover . In addition to having two screens, one inside and one outside, is as powerful as a Samsung Galaxy S8.

Smartphones, or most of them, have become the same in terms of design. It is true that it is very difficult to innovate in designing a device such as a cell phone. But users are grateful when new bets come to market manufacturers who take risks with new models and shapes.

So it's so strange to see a drawing from the past. We talked, of course, of the shell design that so many phones had before the advent of smartphones. A design that mythical phones like the Motorola RAZR v3 used. And now Samsung is using to create at least one atypical smartphone.

Samsung W2018, datasheet and specifications


  • Exterior and interior screen Full HD 4.2 inches
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor 835
  • 6GB of RAM
  • 64 – 256GB of internal memory
  • 12 Mpx rear camera with f / 1.5 smart aperture
  • Front camera of 5 Mpx
  • Android 7.1.1 Nougat
  • USB-C port and rear fingerprint reader

What stands out most of the set is the wraparound design of the device. In addition to a classic numeric keypad inside, that means we found an external screen and another screen inside . All this makes the phone a bit heavy with 247 grams.

However, the camera also stands out for good reason. The Korean manufacturer took the opportunity to integrate a camera that, in theory, is capable of reaching f / 1.5 . This would be the biggest camera opening a smartphone has ever achieved. According to Sammobile, this would be possible thanks to a trick in software .

The other specifications of the set do not disappoint. We found the most powerful processor from Qualcomm memory to stop a train and 7.1 Nougat Android. That is, it is a smartphone that is emblematic as the Galaxy S8.

The only bad thing about all this is that we can never see it in our hands again. The Samsung W2018 was introduced in China, and all indications are that it will be an exclusive to the Asian country . The only ones who would expect to see him arrive would be South Korea, the country from which Samsung originates.

Also, the price may not be as attractive as the phone. Samsung has not announced any official price, but rumors have already raised above € 1,500 . A phone that is not suitable for all budgets, literally.


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