The new standard of RCS messages will arrive in Latin America

The new standard of RCS messages will arrive in Latin America


Despite being almost 25 years old, the standard of SMS communication is still one of the most used in the world.

We know, it is not as advanced as the WhatsApp type, Facebook Messenger or Telegram, but the reason why SMS is still widely used is because it is a universal system, which gives us a guarantee that the receiver can read our message, regardless of the messaging applications it has, or even if you do not have a smartphone.

The RCS standard in Latin America, available in the coming months

What happens to the language of SMS, so, if it is so reliable? For exactly why it is generally not used, this has gradually remained somewhat obsolete. To solve this, Google and many other technology companies have been working on a replacement as reliable as SMS, but with the advantage of modern standards.

You went today that Google through your blog has announced that this new standard will reach Latin America.

So far, they have not specified in which Latin American countries this new system will be deployed, so it is likely to be deployed across the continent. Google indicates that they are working with América Móvil, AT & T Mexico, Oi and Telefónica to reach the majority of the continent's users.

The RCS standard is a modernized version of the SMS language.

We also do not know a specific date, but Google has specified that it will arrive in the coming months, so we can say with almost certainty that the arrival of this new communication standard will be operational during 2018.

What about Europe?

 RCS is the evolution of SMS "</p>
<p> Although we have talked about the RCS standard for some time, it is a messaging standard that is not yet available in Spain. </p>
<p> Google took advantage of this announcement to make progress thanks to the agreement they made with America Movil and Telefonica, they will also be able to extend this new messaging standard in Europe with the collaboration of Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Telenor and Vodafone. </p>
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