The new WhatsApp beta for business reveals that we can buy through...

The new WhatsApp beta for business reveals that we can buy through WhatsApp

The beta version of WhatsApp for Enterprise has received a new update that brings us closer to a world in which we can buy or order food through the application. We say all the details.

When we talked a few months ago about WhatsApp's possibilities for business, we speculated about the possibility of ordering or reserving food through the application of messages . It's no secret that a number of companies already use the standard version of WhatsApp (for example, in a chickens chicken near my house, I can book an order to get WhatsApp) and it looks like the Facebook guys will provide tools for more flexibility.

WhatsApp for business releases tags for messages

When you run a business and start receiving customer messages by the tens, it's very easy to lose track of what's booked, paid or even withdrawn. Being aware of this, WhatsApp has added a feature that will be of great help to companies looking to track orders in the application.


In the latest WhatsApp business beta update, WhatsApp has created a feature called Tags . Each chat can have a label on which we will find the status of the customer. By default, we see in captures WaBetaInfo declaring as new order pending payment, paid or completed.

There is also a menu on the main screen called Tags, where we can access all messages that have a specific brand. In addition, we can create our own labels, customized for our business (as reservations can be made).

Undoubtedly, it seems to be an essential feature for any company. However, WhatsApp for business still has a long way to go to be a messaging application that wants to compete with apps like Just-Eat.


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