The next Huawei would have a triple camera with 5X zoom

The next Huawei would have a triple camera with 5X zoom


Huawei plans to make a jump in the photographic field with the next generation of smartphones. Evan Blass has leaked a number of official posters: the triple rear camera will come with new features.

The photography market in smartphones signs the quality and increasing numbers. Since the camera is the high-end differentiating element, aiming for improvements in image capture is always a good strategy . That's where the numbers come in, as I said: from megapixels we move to the number of cameras. The triple loop is in us.

The number of cameras mounted by a smartphone is similar to the number of blades that insert disposable razors: the better, the better . This is not strictly so, but in this way you can get effects that are difficult to obtain with a single sensor. Portrait, re-focus a posteriori, optical zoom … And Huawei wants to maximize these functions with its new triple rear camera.

Three cameras on the back, 40 Mpx, 5x optical zoom …

Filtration arrives from Evan Blass one of the authorities when in advance of new devices. Evan shared 4 pictures that are part of the promotional material of the new "P" line . That is, they should advance the characteristics of Huawei P11 ; always following the pattern of models and intervals maintained by the manufacturer.

The 4 images are an outpost of the new photo strategy that Huawei's high-end will take in 2018. Leica continues to collaborate on the photography of its smartphones so it is probably intended for P11 and to Huawei Mate 11. The advanced features are as follows:

  • Size of images of 40 Mpx . There is no talk that one of the included sensors is capable of taking pictures of that size, so that the cell phone can interpolate between all the sensors to get the dimensions set.
  • Leica triple rear camera . One of the posters refers to this Leica camera game that would be "triple-lens." The purpose of this set of cameras, three in total with their respective lenses and lens set, would be to obtain larger and sharper shots with special attention to low illumination.
  • 5X optical zoom . The owner of the upcoming Huawei P could approach the scene with a 5x optical zoom by combining the trio of cameras.
  • Front camera of 24 Mpx . Huawei does not forget the lovers of selfies: it would include a camera capable of taking large photographs thanks to a new sensor and optics.
  • Improvements in scene detection thanks to Artificial Intelligence . Huawei Mate 10 has already introduced the AI ​​in its camera application to easily detect scene values ​​so that the manufacturer's next top cell phone will go one step further in the power and detection capability.

The capabilities of the camera will be improved not only by the numbers, but also by the results. In the absence of seeing the phone physically and testing camera excellence, Huawei ensures that the combination of hardware and software will get even brighter images even in low light . We'll see how Huawei solves all the expectations that Evan Blass has discovered: the P11 future promises to be spectacular.

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