The Nokia 6 2018 breaks records and is upgraded to Android 8...

The Nokia 6 2018 breaks records and is upgraded to Android 8 along with the Nokia 6


A few days ago, Nokia introduced a terminal that, according to what was expected, was not revolutionary, but it was important. The Nokia 6 2018 was a revision of the original model released a year ago and that significantly improves the technical performance.

This smartphone went on sale in Asia, at least for now, although we expect it to hit international markets in a few months.

The only negative that stood out was that the system version that was announced was Nougat, specifically revision 7.1.1 . That in another manufacturer would lose a little, but Nokia did a lot. The company was working hard to get its terminals up to date.

When it was introduced, it was also said that after launch, it would be upgraded to Android 8.0 Oreo, but we did not expect it to be that fast.

The Nokia 6 2018 is updated for Android 8.0

The surprise came when the terminal started downloading the OTA update as soon as it was first activated as it happened to some users.

It seems that Nokia was not sure of being able to reach the launch and it announced that it would come with an older version and, in the end, they arrived in time with what, in practice, this model is like serial with Android 8 Oreo .

Nokia 6 also receives Oreo

On the other hand, the original Nokia 6, the first of the new mobile shipment of Nokia, is also receiving the update for Android 8.0 Oreo, although in this case in the form of beta.

Users in India are seeing how they can upgrade their terminal to the test version of this firmware, which takes up approximately 1.8 GB. It is expected that in a few weeks the stable version of this version of the system will be released and will reach all models, not just the Asians.

It is appreciated that Nokia is concerned about this aspect of their phones because, although it is something, he said that it would not always make marks know what they advertise.


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