The Nokia 9 will be accompanied by the renovation of a Nokia...

The Nokia 9 will be accompanied by the renovation of a Nokia already known


Although it seems to be yesterday, Nokia, the new version that makes Android phones independently, is among us for a year. It was in December 2016 when he started working on the catalog he currently has for sale and is now preparing its expansion.

We already knew that the next model will be the Nokia 9, a cell phone that is called to be the company's reference by design and features, and which will have to face the new smartphones that are presented at CES in Las Vegas as in MWC of Barcelona.

However, the surprise jumped when we learned that this model will not be presented alone, and that will be accompanied by a review of Nokia 8 the high-end of this year.

Nokia 9 and Nokia 8 2018

Brands are beginning to take pleasure in taking reviews of their phones a few months after putting them up for sale and given that the changes are not huge, they barely change the name.

We've already seen it on OnePlus and on Huawei, for example, and it looks like the new Nokia will be the next to join this trend. The day January 19, 2018 seems to be the date indicated to know these two new terminals.

Both models are expected to have a front completely dominated by the screen, with the fingerprint sensor in the rear area. They will have Snapdragon 835 from Qualcomm, IP67 certification and will not have audio jack 3.5 mm .

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<p> <strong> The Nokia 9 will have 6 and 8 GB versions of RAM and 64 and 128 GB </strong> internal memory, although the capabilities of the Nokia 8 2018 are still unknown, as well as if they are put on sale in all markets where Nokia has presence or only in China. </p>
<p> The price of Nokia 9 is speculated to start at 3699 yuan (about 470 euros) for the 4 + 64GB version, while the highest price will cost 4199 yuan (about 540 euros). </p>
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