The Razer Phone becomes a laptop with this spectacular accessory

The Razer Phone becomes a laptop with this spectacular accessory


One of the companies that drew the most attention last year among fans of smartphones and mobile technology was the Razer. This company so far focused exclusively on gaming, but after buying Nexbit they decided to launch their first smartphones, the Razer Phone .

At CES we presented one of the most unexpected accessories for this model, a dock that makes it literally a laptop Can we say it is a gaming notebook? Well, we do not compare this to dedicated laptops, but of course it's a solvable solution to enjoy the games available for this smartphone, many of which have adapted to your excellent screen refresh.

At the moment, it is a project and Razer has not confirmed that it will be released and, if so, at what price.

Razer presents the Linda Project

This new device is reminiscent of the company's laptop, the Razer Blade Stealth, although it obviously does not have the same features.

Most impressive is that it has no trackpad, and instead has a gap in which we can fit into the Razer Phone. In this way, the phone becomes the device to move the mouse and at the same time in the brain of the device.

In addition, we can use the screen of the mobile phone not only as a mouse, but also as a secondary screen, something we have seen in some devices, such as Nintendo consoles portable.

The screen is one of the key pieces and is a panel with QHD resolution and 3.3 inches diagonally. In the model shown in the show, the screen has a resolution of 1080p and a refresh rate of 60 Hz. The idea is that, at the end of the development, it has a resolution of 1440p and raises the refresh rate for the same of your cell phone, 120 Hz.

The other great element is the keyboard which has the backlit typical of the company's computers.

On the other hand are the connectors. One Type C USB port, another Type A USB, headphone port and a 720p resolution front camera. However, the most impressive thing is that it has its own hard drive 200 GB so that smartphone storage is not a limitation. Its battery would allow recharging the phone 3 times in full.


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