The Samsung Galaxy S9 would have a version with 512 GB of...

The Samsung Galaxy S9 would have a version with 512 GB of space


Little by little, we know the details of the next Samsung Galaxy S9, even if the brand does not confirm it directly. And we have a juicy novelty: you will have a model with 512 GB.

The evolution of smartphones has been noticeable, even though there are still some fringes to cover, yesterday we mentioned in this article with some of the problems that still remain. Although storage is a little clear : Today's smartphones have enough space to carry a good video library. Without using the SD card, Samsung will debut the 512 GB of storage.

So far, we used 3 levels of user space, at least in the highest range: 64, 128, and 256 GB . Well: the new limit is now in the 512 GB : Samsung gave the start button of their new assembly line dedicated to flash storage of that amount. This will go to the next generation of smartphones, a detail that is already advancing its first owner: the Samsung Galaxy S9 .

New 512 GB V-NAND eUFS modules with up to 860 MB / s read

Samsung is a leader in the manufacture of components. From RAM memories to processors; passing through the V-NAND modules intended for storage on mobile devices . And today it marks a new milestone: it duplicates the maximum space of its modules and begins its mass production. So let's see them reunited in the next generation.

The announcement of the beginning of production arrives a few months after the Samsung Galaxy S9 is officially presented . This joins the previous announcement made by the company advancing the next components of its main smartphone: the second generation of Exynos with 10nm manufacturing process is also in progress.

The cited module 512 GB V-NAND is not only fast, something obligatory due to the scope for which it is approached, it is also a low power consumption. It is manufactured with a 64 GB layer process that, with a total of 8, achieves a remarkable reading and writing performance: 860 and 255 MB / s, respectively . In addition, it reaches 42,000 operations per second in random read; reaching 40,000 in writing, also random.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 aims to be even more "premium"

The ranges in smartphones are being redefined with an ever increasing ceiling. The 1000 euro barrier is already over exceeded something that will be reinforced with the 512 GB versions of storage. It's not safe, since there is no confirmation from Samsung, at least for now, but it would not be strange that the Galaxy S9 model with 512 GB has beaten all price records. We have a few months left to see him.


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