The secret of Samsung Galaxy S9 revealed: this is their packaging

The secret of Samsung Galaxy S9 revealed: this is their packaging


What was left for us to know about the Samsung Galaxy S9? Few details, since almost everything leaked before the presentation. And now we have another telling element: the box where it will come packaged.

That MWC 2018 is going to be a congress of extreme importance for mobile technology is no surprise, every year it is. That yes, it takes more relevance if it is adjusted once it has been confirmed that Samsung plans to present its star cell phone in 2018 in Barcelona . We already knew almost everything, but one of the last secrets was still intact. So far.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 case appeared leaked on Reddit confirming many of the details we already know. There is some risk that is false but everything points to the contrary: it maintains the usual line at Samsung, does not appear retouched and offers the features expected with the phone. And a little more.

Stereo speakers and adjustable aperture for rear camera with stabilization

Most of the details we already know, as we say, though we now see other features that have remained familiar and are equally appealing. Especially in the sound and in the rear camera, this is where the main news comes in relation to Samsung Galaxy S8 last year.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 would have stereo speakers as per the package. They would be signed by AKG audio brand that bought Samsung with Harman to favor the sound of their devices. In addition, and as we saw in last year's models, the S9 would come with high-quality headphones and cable. Samsung will not do without the 3.5mm connector, especially now that must secure the FM radio to their new handsets.

As for the rear camera, this would come with the usual system Dual Pixel which would presumably improve the focus thanks to a system optimization. It incorporates optical image stabilization and the great novelty: adjustable aperture from f / 1.5 to f / 2.4 . This is not new since it debuted on Samsung W2018 . And it is a great advantage for the improvement of the images: it is not only a very luminous objective, but it will also allow a natural bokeh without artifice; as far as the focal length is reduced in a mobile camera.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 will be presented at MWC 2018 in Barcelona . It should go on sale in March, so manufacturing is now at full speed. The filtered packaging would corroborate it.


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