the smaller version arrives

the smaller version arrives


Android Go was introduced in the previous Google I / O with the intention of offering an updated version of the system for mobile phones with more content hardware. This version would already be in evidence.

What are the differences between Android Go and Android "normal"? In general, none, but the first keeps some cut at the requirements level so that it can work on more contained devices. Android Oreo Go is basically identical to Android 8 Oreo. Thanks to this, we will see up-to-date low-end phones with sufficient power to manage the system and its applications.

Google has already shipped the first version of Android Oreo GO to manufacturers who want to apply it to their next devices. This is still a long way off, but we are likely to see the first ones in early 2018. So far in emerging countries like India.

Android Oreo Go is an optimized version for low-end cell phones

This "optimized" version will be available soon for manufacturers, although it can not yet be downloaded by developers. It is designed for low requirement cell phones very common in the low range. Oreo is already optimized as the default for working on this type of smartphone, but the Go version reduces the system's own optimizing needs for the Google applications that go with it.

The hardware that Android Oreo Go requires is smaller, as we said: it is perfect for operating on mobile phones with 512 MB RAM and 8 GB of storage . The system takes up a lot less, leaving twice as much space for the user compared to the "current" version of Nougat Android 7.

Android Oreo Go comes with the most well-known pre-installed Google applications, although has developed specifically for this version of the system . Gmail Go, YouTube Go, Google Maps Go … Some of these versions we have seen, can even be installed on mobile phones without the reduced version of Android. In addition, they not only save space, but also in data consumption.

 Android Oreo Go Edition is official: the shortest version comes </p>
<p> The Go Edition version does not lose security features over the "normal" Oreo since <strong> Play Protect is also included </strong>. Same as the Google Play Store: Users of the new version of the system will have access to all Android applications, but will have a special section <strong> with tailored apps </strong> to take up less space and reduce data consumption. </p>
<h2> The first mobile phones with Android Oreo Go will arrive in the next few months </h2>
<p> Google is already working with manufacturers to launch the first low-end smartphones with <strong> Android Oreo Go in version 8.1 </strong>. Updates will be released shortly after the originals, so all Go Edition devices must be updated and updated. </p>
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