The smart watch that does not need to charge the battery is...

The smart watch that does not need to charge the battery is now more complete


In the middle of the CES in Las Vegas, we know the Matrix Power Watch X, a renewed and much more complete version of the smart watch whose battery is charged with our own body heat. A watch that will never have to go through the charger.

The watch that feeds the body's heat continues to improve

A year ago, the same company drew attention to the release of a smart watch that did not need to be charged. The secret was that it was capable of generating energy from our own body heat.

However, as promising as it was, this concept of smart clock was a little limited, since it only served to give the time (what less), and counted the steps. In this new generation, the Matrix increased the bet with a slightly heavier, but complete model. It also improves its water resistance, now submersible up to 200 meters.


In this new watch, we can read the mobile notifications and make a record of our dream. Also stands out for the offer; according to the company itself; the most accurate calorie measurement on the market, thanks to the body's own reading of body heat that it takes to charge.

Another mechanism of interest is that by the time we remove the watch, it will enter a suspend mode that will hold a charge for two years. Once we add it back to our belt, it will return to its natural mode.

An idea that deserves to continue evolving

The Matrix Power Watch X costs $ 250 (and an additional 30 in shipping if you live outside the United States) and will begin shipping in the middle of the month to those who buy it on their official website.

Despite being a rather expensive watch for what it offers, we think it is a great concept, being the way forward for manufacturers of wearables . At the end of the day, sometimes we do not need many applications on the clock, and as the idea continues to evolve, they will be better able to perform any function.

Matrix Power Watch page.


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