The ultimate chat application can only be used when you're almost out...

The ultimate chat application can only be used when you're almost out of battery


There are developers who are able to convert what is obviously a problem in an item of value. This is what the creators of did with a chat application called Die With Me .

The name says it all: "Die with me." The key is that this application only allows you to enter the chat room when the battery is below 5% ie give you a few minutes of company with people who are in the same situation as you .

The name itself reflects the idea of ​​application, to be together with people in their same situation, a curious and almost poetic return of that moment that many fear, when the telephone turns off without being able to do anything to avoid if we do not have a battery or plug close.


Nice business idea or model?

In the beginning, the developer simply wanted to create an application that could be used by the time you know you have only a few minutes of battery life. The option chosen was chat, so it was embedded and there are actually people who use it.

The application simply allows you to write in a single chat room where there will be other people in the same situation so the conversation revolves mainly around this. At the top, the percentage of charge of our battery appears because in this case it is the key.

But this application is no longer an application plus communication, plus one among thousands Or not?

Creators are now studying the possibility of creating rooms based on location, giving a touch to the concept of dating application . The idea is that if you run out of battery and someone else near you, go beyond that, you can start a conversation by being in the same situation and in the same place.

However, the application does not currently include these functions because it takes very few days in the application stores. You can download for free from the Google Play Store.

Version: 1.0

Author: Dries Depoorter

Requires Android 4.0 and higher


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