The update for Android 8.0 Oreo arrives at watches with Android Wear

The update for Android 8.0 Oreo arrives at watches with Android Wear


Google generally merges the updates of its different operating systems, although we do not speak of the same version or the same revision. This is what is happening now with the release of the latest stable version of the Android Wear system.

As their phones (the Pixel and the Nexus) begin to receive the Android 8.1 Oreo, their watches already have the stable version of Android 8.o, which they have used in the beta for a few months, as they already we have .

The OTA is coming to some models, although of course, not all the market receives it.


Same interface with some improvements

This update is intended for the core of the system because the version itself, Android Wear 2.0 remains stable and does not change its appearance or usability.

We will have some added functions, such as one that allows to block the illumination of the screen with one touch in the case of concrete situations where this is more an inconvenience than an advantage.

We can also configure how the cell phone will vibrate if brief, double or long, to adapt it to our tastes.

Finally, we have a change related to battery saving and it is possible to activate the same without the need for the clock to be out of power. This mode turns off vibration, location services, Wi-Fi, mobile data, active screen mode, and application updates.

The LG Watch Sport is the first of the Android Wear smartwatches that is receiving the update and will have to see if it takes a long time to receive the new version in other watches.


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