The Xiaomi Mi A1 stops the update for Android 8 for the...

The Xiaomi Mi A1 stops the update for Android 8 for the battery


Owners of a Xiaomi Mi A1 that have not upgraded Android 8 Oreo will not be able to do so for a few weeks: Xiaomi interrupted the update due to various errors including an abnormal battery discharge.

One of the advantages of the Xiaomi Mi A1, in addition to its excellent price / quality ratio, is that its software is clean Android or stock . That is, it has Android One, so the extreme customization of Xiaomi with MIUI is excluded, except for some applications included. Updates should be faster, though Android 8 Oreo has weathered. Now even more …

We echoed the update for the Android 8 of the Xiaomi Mi A1 only on the last day of 2017. Xiaomi was meeting the deadlines not to delay Oreo beyond 2017, although perhaps I expected: Users who updated found some flaws. Among them, an abnormal battery drain so Xiaomi had to cancel the upgrade.

Android 8 Oreo will not be fixed until a few weeks

It is uncertain how long it will take Xiaomi engineers to correct the errors found in the update, we do not know when it will be resumed. Xiaomi did not confirm a date then there is only one wait.

There were several flaws encountered and one concrete that forced to stop the update: an abnormal battery discharge in some users. This download is related to an expense and of Bluetooth expenses . The failure is not given in every Xiaomi Mi A1, we found no problems with Android 8 Oreo after updating our phones.

Other errors detected after the update refer to the fact that the notifications of the environment screen stopped working correctly . Also the calls: some owners of a Xiaomi mi A1 do not receive them properly when they have the screen off . Did you encounter any of these issues after upgrading?


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