there will be two new BlackBerry with Android in 2018

there will be two new BlackBerry with Android in 2018


At the conference that TCL did at CES, the company confirmed: not only will continue to support the BlackBerry on Android, but will also launch two new phones with this system.

Maybe the BlackBerry is not the most stuck brands that are having Android, but that does not mean that it is not a good buy. With its disadvantages, as I analyzed in the review of KEYone: very good mobile in general that sin of lack of power . In addition, the BlackBerry is one of the few brands that keeps the physical keyboard within its priorities, that there will always be nostalgia that prefers it.

Leaving aside previous models, the company has confirmed that it will not neglect the new releases since are preparing two new smartphones . This was stated by Alain Lejeune, general manager of BlackBerry Mobile, during the TCL conference at CES in Las Vegas. We do not know if they will be keyboarded, but everything seems to indicate that since we will also see a new KEYone color .

Two new phones and BlackBerry KEYONE in bronze

The review of BlackBerry KEYone made clear the excellent construction of this cell phone. Solid in hand, very good materials, excellent construction despite the first setbacks with the screen and a single color available: silver for aluminum body . That changes from now on.

The new BlackBerry Bronze Edition has a more refined and distinctive color, keeping the black and "gummy" finish for the rear face with the keyboard in identical arrangement and shape. Although not only changes color, the brand also takes advantage of including the dual SIM in the tray of the new model ; although with the obligation to choose between two SIMs or SIM and SD card.

Besides the new color of the BlackBerry KEYone, which is confirmed and there are already photos, we do not know how the new models will be prepared until 2018. It would not be strange if they were within the medium / low range with DTEK range . Because it seems clear that high-range is reserved for KEYone, even though the hardware is far away from the "premium" standards.


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