These applications are free for a short time: take advantage of the...

These applications are free for a short time: take advantage of the offers


We've closed the work week by collecting apps and games that are now free on Google Play. Enjoy before returning to the original price.

It seemed difficult when we faced your last Monday, but in the end we just got over it: this first week of work in 2018 could not with us. And now that two days of relaxation are approaching, why not take the opportunity to complete the application library? Said and done, here we bring you a selection of the best that is currently free after the descending price .

It's not a very large collection because the quality has dropped over the last few days, but even so, they are valuable applications. Games, a music player, other content in VR, relevant icon packs … Let's not delay, here is the list.

Free Android Applications

Free Android Games

Free customization applications


Do not stop the party, nor the discounts: below you have other discounts on apps and games. Do not spend more than you need to equip your new Android smartphone!

Watch and transparent time

A time application with different transparent widgets that look great on the desktop. Currently, it has a 41% discount.

Version: 1.01.01

Author: MACHAPP Software Ltd

Requires Android 4.0 and higher

Adventures of Little Eco – Lost Sounds

Imaginative play laden with music that offers an experience that, although short, is quite complete. Of course, developers should review permissions: some antivirus detects it as malware.

Version: 1.7.1

Author: POSSIBLE Games

Requires Android 2.3 and higher


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