These are the new WhatsApp stickers for Android

These are the new WhatsApp stickers for Android


One of the most anticipated features of WhatsApp, in addition to the supposed integrated mobile payments in the application, is the arrival of stickers or stickers.

These little designs have caused a furor on Line a few years ago and are currently being used extensively in applications such as Telegram or Facebook Messenger, as well as on Facebook itself.

We already knew that they were developing, but now we see how it will be in the interface of Android what we can download since previously some had already been seen, but in iOS. In addition, there is a news relevant and linked to this news, a novelty called store.

This is the WhatsApp sticker


The first bundle of stickers is one that is already present on Facebook and this is not surprising as it seems that the company wants to take advantage of all the development in this respect in the current applications to take them to WhatsApp.

Unchi and Rollie are the first to come and, as you can see, the aesthetic is a little eschatological, but cool, after all.

 These are the new WhatsApp stickers for Android to download "</p>
<p> In order to make use of the new packages, we must access the button that will appear between the icons and the GIFs and, thus, we will have the packages installed. In case there is no one, it will appear empty, but in the upper right area, we can go to the store to download more. </p>
<h2> A sticker shop </h2>
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As in other applications there will be an application section where we can download new packages and we do not know if we will buy them if any designer wants to put some payment.

However, this is not yet confirmed, as at the moment there is no item in the mail service that requires a payment, at least since the application became free.

When we send them out, they will appear similar to the great heart we already have on our keyboard, in the form of a large emoji.

The update in which these news items were viewed is, but although the code exists, it is hidden so it is not usable without modifying the application.


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