This Android keyboard stores more private information than you think

This Android keyboard stores more private information than you think


ai.type, one of the best known Android keyboards, suffers a security breach in its database that exposes all user information.

The announcement of Android when we change the serial keyboard to download leaves no doubt about the capabilities of this software: can read everything we write on the smartphone . In addition, and always according to the functions of the keyboard, you can see contacts or access the storage, for example. What do applications do with this? You'll think you only use it to offer better service on your phone, but the reality is that many keyboards store the information on your servers. More information than they should.

I must make it clear that not all Google Play keyboards will use the most dubious access permissions or load all your data into the servers, but what happened to ai.type is a touch of attention so that we take more seriously the keyboard we use in the usual way . How did you find out that you exceeded the information collected by the servers.

A failure in the database leaves the users private information discovery

The decision was communicated yesterday by the Kromtech security center : ai.type databases allowed anyone to access due to poor configuration of mongoDB a database system known data that is used on multiple servers. Because of this misconfiguration, anyone can access data from more than 30 million keyboard users in both the free and paid versions. The surprise comes when we find out what data has been stored.

ai.type records a huge amount of data from your users that are stored in your databases. We do not know why they are used, but it would not be reasonable to think about exchanging with other companies, given the characteristics of the information collected. Among all this information, the Android keyboard kept:

  • Full name of the users.
  • User calendar.
  • Users telephone number.
  • User calendar email addresses.
  • Location.
  • Number of times the application was used.
  • The IMEI and IMSI of the device.
  • Model and manufacturer of the device.
  • Screen Resolution.
  • User IP addresses.
  • Internet provider and operator.
  • Android version of the user.

All this data compiled by a keyboard that, in theory, serves only to facilitate writing. With an aggravating factor: ai.type has a free version and a version paid for almost 5 euros; and both were exceeded in the information store on the application servers. That's right: the keyboard collected more private information from free users than "premium" . It is a comfort.

Is Your Keyboard Really Safe?

 Android keyboards store more private information than you think "width =" 1050 "height =" 632 "/> </p>
<p> An Android keyboard is an application that handles a remarkable amount of private information. <strong> Texts, Email Addresses, Password, Card Numbers </strong> … It is essential that you choose your keyboard well in case you change the default. And do not download anyone just because you promise themes, effects or emoji. </p>
<p> ai.type guarantees that it will better protect the database of its users in order to avoid security risks. He did not say anything about the sheer amount of information he kept or how he gets private data. </p>
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