This is how this threat works and how to avoid it

This is how this threat works and how to avoid it


The security agency Check Point discovered the existence of a malware called AdultSwine, which is found in 60 Google Play applications. These apps and games are intended for children and display ads with pornographic content.

Malware with pornography in children's applications

There are 60 games that include the malware known as AdultSwine, according to Check Point. According to their estimates, this malware is installed on a figure ranging from 3 to 7 million users.

But what does AdultSwine do? As you may suspect, the purpose of this malware is that you end up paying money. And for that, it uses a strategy in which they show ads and offer a solution in exchange for a premium subscription. From there, they will try to steal our credentials.


It all starts when the application is installed on the device. This continues waiting for the user to unlock the screen to start operating. From here, it will start displaying ads from two sources, an ad provider, and the malicious code itself.

After displaying inappropriate ads, we will begin to receive warnings that our mobile phone has a virus, that we download a security application (if you know anything about computer science, you will know this is a trap). This will take us to Google Play to download the following application.

As an alternative to anti-virus applications, we will also receive ads that will attempt to register for premium services. A pop-up that will prompt us to enter personal data, something like You won an iPhone (yes, there are still people who believe that).

How AdultSwine Works – Summary

The guys at Check Point have clearly defined how this cyberattack works in three simple steps:

  1. The application specifically shows inappropriate ads, usually with pornographic content.
  2. He later tries to trick us by installing fake security applications.
  3. Inducing users to register for the premium service by taking advantage of it.

How to protect us from AdulSwine

As we mentioned earlier, malware AdultSwine is available in about 60 Google Play apps, including one that has been downloaded more than a million times. Many of them are games; of a beaten nature; free and with some similarity in the title of games of reputation.

It's not the first time we've commented that no matter how much Android security evolves, in the end the human being is the weakest link in the system. In the case of this malware is a typical case of taking advantage of user ignorance, with an audience that in most cases will be childish.

To avoid AdultSwine, the strategy is simple. Avoid any substitute popular video game. Virtually every game on the list is modifications and free video games that are extremely popular. If the game title sounds to you, make sure the developer is a legitimate company .

If it's a good time to educate If you are a parent and your children use the cell phone, do not try to have absolute control because you avoid these applications, then you have no problem for the day being alone Try to explain that in life, nothing is free and to be cautious is worth two.

Which known applications are in the list

  1. Five Nights Survival Craft
  2. Mcqueen Car Racing Game
  3. Addon Pixelmon for MCPE
  4. CoolCraft PE
  5. Exploration Pro WorldCraft
  6. Draw Kawaii
  7. San Andreas City Craft
  8. Subway Banana Run Surf
  9. Exploration Lite: Wintercraft
  10. GTA Addon for Minecraft PE
  11. Addon SpongeBob SquarePants for MCPE
  12. Drawing Lessons Angry Birds
  13. Temple Crash Jungle Bandicoot
  14. Drawing Lessons Lego Star Wars
  15. Drawing lessons Chibi
  16. Girls Exploration Lite
  17. Drawing lessons Subway Surfers
  18. Paw Puppy Run Subway Surf
  19. Flash Slither Skin IO
  20. Invisible Slither Skin IO
  21. Drawing Lessons Lego Ninjago
  22. Drawing Lessons Lego Chima
  23. Temple Bandicoot Jungle Run
  24. Blockcraft 3D
  25. Jungle Survival Craft 1.0
  26. Easy Draw Octonauts
  27. halloweenskinsforminecraft
  28. skinsyoutubersmineworld
  29. youtubersskins
  30. DiadelosMuertos
  31. Draw X-Men
  32. Moviesskinsforminecraft
  33. Virtual Family – Baby Craft
  34. Mine Craft Slither Skin IO
  35. Shock Guide IO
  36. Invisible skin for Slither IO application
  37. Zombie Island Craft Survival
  38. HalloweenMakeUp
  39. ThanksgivingDay
  40. ThanksgivingDay2
  41. Jurassic Survival Craft Game
  42. Player Unknown Battle Ground
  43. Subway Bendy Ink Machine Game
  44. Shin Hero Boy Adventure Game
  45. Temple Runner Castle Rush
  46. Dragon Shell for Super Slither
  47. Flash Skin for Slither IO app
  48. San Andreas Gangster Crime
  49. fidgetspinnerforminecraft
  50. Stickman Fighter 2018
  51. Subway Run Surf
  52. Vikings Hunters Guide
  53. Woody Pecker
  54. Slither Super Skins Package
  55. Spinner Toy for Slither
  56. How to draw Coco and The Land of the Dead
  57. How to draw dangerous species of snakes and lizards
  58. How to draw Real Monster Trucks and Cars
  59. How to draw the nut world of Job 2
  60. How to draw Batman Legends in Lego Style

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