This is the perfect screen for iPhone X clones with Android

This is the perfect screen for iPhone X clones with Android


Currently there are several types of screens on cell phones, but most are made up of two great technologies, LCD and OLED. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but as the second breakthrough, the first one begins to lose ground.

For example, this year, for the first time, Apple used an OLED screen on one of their phones, especially on the iPhone X.

This screen was manufactured by Samsung, following certain guidelines of the US company, and the most characteristic of this screen was that it had no borders except in the upper area.


Something similar is presented by the company BOE, a company that also manufactures OLED screens and is surprised to display a screen more than six inches with OLED technology and only pictures except in the same area as the iPhone.

Perfect for iPhone X clones with Android

This new screen has quite remarkable features. It is made with OLED technology, the same as manufacturers like Samsung or OnePlus, and now also Apple.

It has a diagonal of 6.18 inches although it has no borders (we would have to add those of the terminal building), its size is not excessive.

The resolution depends on expectations, with 2992 × 1440 px and strangely does not use a screen ratio of 18: 9 but the classic 16: 9 . The density of dots per inch, in the way we normally see the sharpness, is 537 dpi and the brightness capable of developing is 390 nits a rather low figure.

The most remarkable screens in this sense that we can see now range from 600 nits.

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<p> We recently saw a smartphone that appeared to be an iPhone X clone with a screen that looks pretty. It was a model of UMIDIGI that allows us to see where the shots will go in the design of the cell phones of 2018, at which time it seems that the current trend of reducing the frames will be established, even intensifying. </p>
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