This is what I ask the iPhone 8 to leave Android

This is what I ask the iPhone 8 to leave Android


We've heard rumors about the new iPhone for months. After several years of being conservative, the apple company seems to move to a terminal that has promised to be one of the biggest bets since launching stellar models, such as the day the iPhone 4 or the iPhone 6.

When Apple ends up doing something right, there are not a few manufacturers that decide to follow their trail, so the launch tomorrow can influence in a way that the rest of the manufacturers will do in the coming months. ]

This is what we ask the new iPhone as Android users.


Today I will comment on the personal reasons that would make me increase Android and take the definitive step for iOS. Most likely, many of them are not known in tomorrow's presentation, but certainly would be quite interesting.

A screen that really innovates

This is what I ask the iPhone 8 to set aside Android "src =" -content / uploads / 2017/09 / iPhone-8-6.jpg "alt =" This is what I ask the iPhone 8 to leave Android "

In recent years, the evolution of the screens was bestial. More brightness, better contrast, wider range of colors and higher screen index at the front. All of these improvements have been fulfilled by most manufacturers, but there are other aspects that have not changed that much.

One of the best innovations of the screen level of the year in my opinion were the new screens of the iPad Pro . Thanks to its 120Hz panels (twice as much as a standard panel) everything looks and feels so fluid that when you try another device it looks like a product of the past. On the other hand, TrueTone (technology that dynamically adapts color temperature) presented in the previous iPad Pro is another technology that Apple has been great.

Pro Motion and True Tone, the technologies I like the iPad.

Google photos in full

One of Apple's strengths is its integration with iCloud and all branded devices, and it's something that's great when all of your devices are not from Apple.

When you use multiple Android phones, you have an iPad, a Windows PC and a laptop with Linux, you realize just how great Google services are. There is one that does not work on iOS as well on Android, and it's Google Photos.

The Cloud Gallery service also offers unlimited high-quality iOS storage, but only syncs our photos to the cloud while we're inside the app. I'm not willing to lose background backups, nor am I going to start paying for iCloud.

Fast loading, it's still time

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I think it's one of the most negative aspects of the iPhone. In the Plus model we have exceptional autonomy, but we fail at something that is more important every day, loading quickly.

To this day, the iPhone charger charges at a speed of 5w . We can also use the iPad charger, which charges at a speed of 12W (although we have to buy it separately).

Today's charging standards charge a speed of 18-20W three times faster than the iPhone charger and 50% faster than the iPad charger. Apple has to improve this yes or yes.

The biggest disadvantage of the iPhone is the absence of fast charging.

Take Storage Seriously

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<p> Another aspect in which Apple is usually found one step behind its rivals is in storage. The main reason for the company is to get better benefits with higher capacity models, but from the point of view of the user that does not interest us. </p>
<p> 32GB for the base model and 128 and 256GB for the higher models. If finally the new iPhone 8 would end up costing more than a thousand euros, <strong> what less than make the jump to 64 GB in the base model. </strong> </p>
<h2> To eliminate the jack was a mistake, assume it </h2>
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When Apple announced the iPhone 7, they talked about removing the 3.5mm jack as a move from courage and really was, since we can not think of a better qualifier to remove a door of what people continue to use without offering anything in return.

At this point, I will be honest. I do not like cables and almost always use my Bluetooth headset, but there are times when we do not have another. The port socket is only missing when needed so unless you do something interesting with that space reduction, I'd rather have this auxiliary port.

Commitment to video games to a new level

Generally, it is said that the philosophies of Nintendo and Apple are very similar, and if we look at the movements of both companies, we could confirm that, in fact, it is so.

We saw in the presentation of Super Mario Run the good relationship between both companies. Apple knows that your iPhone and iPad are potential gaming machines and often spoils the platform by providing developers with excellent tools and more and more power.

Between piracy and dominance of free to play, as a player, I end up playing much more on the iPad than on Android, because I have a greater variety of payment games. For me, it's a good reason to have a good premium gaming platform. And not just games, also a greater support for controls, which, in that sense, Android is much better.

Apple has the advantage of increasing premium mobile games.

Lightning by modules

When Apple made the jump to the iPhone 5, they left their old 30-pin port for a much more compact version called Lightning. This port certainly offered a lot to the industry (being reversible boosted the output of USB Type C), but we believe the company should take a step forward. And no, we're not talking about USB Type C.

What we would really like to be a port that works for both cargo and accessories. For practical purposes, it would be like to combine the Smart Connector of the iPad Pro next to the MagSafe old Macs and obviously with support for modules as we have seen in Moto Z. We believe that Apple has power at the level of marketing to drive accessories with magnetic connection.


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