This ultrasimple browser has been one of my favorite applications for years

This ultrasimple browser has been one of my favorite applications for years


Sometimes when we talk about our favorite applications, we often have spectacular applications, which makes our day to day wonderful. Not all applications change our lives dramatically.

Actually, many applications turn out to be little anonymous heroes who are there, make our experience of use better, but generally we do not take that into account. And that's my story with Chromer an application that I only remember every time I change my phone. This hero needs more recognition.

What is Chromer?


No, I do not talk about Google Chrome, although we can say it's a close relative. Thanks to Google's browser being based on a free project, developers can take that foundation and modify it. Sometimes, alternative browsers with more features like Brave are born, while others give practicality to simplicity.

Chromer is of the second group, and its function is absurdly simple . Chromer allows any link to open as a custom Chrome tab . Wait, what's this about Custom Tabs?

Just over two years ago, Google has created a problem with Android for years. When we opened a link to a web page, it opened in a new tab, a tab that we did not close, and it ended up accumulating (I have over 100 tabs opened in the past).

The Chrome Custom Tab is a different browser implementation . Suddenly, developers had the ability to allow Web links to flip open on a tab that disappears when you close and bid farewell to the problem of tabulation.

This feature is not integrated into the system but is implemented by every developer in your application. The years go by and there are still applications that do not yet implement it and some others, I'm not really sure why, the links open with problems.

The truth, taking Chromer I no longer care if a developer implements it or not . Simply every time I change my cell phone, I download the application and open a link. When Android asks me which browser to use to open links, point to Chromer. And I forgot how wonderful that app is until I change my cell phone.

I love you so much, Chromer.

Version: 1.7.2

Author: Arunkumar

Requires Android 4.1 and above


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