Tips to improve the GPS of your cell phone

Tips to improve the GPS of your cell phone


GPS is a sensor that not only allows us to guide us on maps, but also offers location and authentication services. Your cell phone is not good? Enhance this with these tricks.

GPS is one of the inventions with which communications and transport have improved in speed and quality. But the real revolution came when smartphones equipped it: we suddenly had in our hands a full browser and locator . Farewell to ask where you are going to this place, hello to find the most hidden ways. And also hello to the disasters of these people who relied so much on their GPS that they ended up with their car inside the river.

There is not a smartphone that does not bring a GPS location sensor within its features, no matter how basic the cell phone is. Although, of course, they do not all have the same quality, positioning speed, and reliability : they rely heavily on the hardware that equips the device. Although yes: there are always ways to optimize your operation.

Today we propose to compile a series of tricks and tips with which improves the positioning in any cell phone . GPS uses the global network of satellites (GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, Galileo …), making a triangulation, discover at all times what we are, what is our speed, height and other basic information to guide us to any point of the map.

Correctly set up the location of your cell phone

This is the first step in optimizing your positioning. Android has three ways to put us on the map: with mobile networks, GPS, and both systems. We have to choose the third option.

  • Access your mobile settings and look for the "Location" option.
  • Enter "Mode".
  • Make sure you have "High Precision" selected. In this way, your mobile phone will use mobile networks and GPS positioning.

Keep your WiFi connected

Whenever you start an application that uses GPS make sure the WiFi connection is enabled . This can speed up the initial positioning.

The time, date, and time zone should be correct

 Tips to improve the GPS of your cell phone "</p>
<p> GPS applications need to know the time zone where we can triangulate quickly and accurately. How to ensure that our phone is configured correctly? Go to your Android settings and type "Date & Time". Make sure the date, time, and time zone are in automatic mode. </p>
<h3> Cleans the A-GPS data </h3>
<p> <img class= of the TOTAL RUN GPS application . It is an application designed to capture routes and exercises, but works perfectly to restart the A-GPS data.

  • Access the application settings and enter the "GPS" option.
  • Click "RESET A-GPS DATA (Cold Start)".
  • Click "Get data from a GPS"
  • In this way, you will have forced the removal of assisted GPS data to download the most updated. This should speed up the positioning and also its stability .

    If, after these tricks and tips, your phone still does not position itself correctly try restarting it : A lot of the problems are solved with this simple gesture. You can also change the placement app or even launch Google Maps first to turn on GPS and position your smartphone. It is also important to emphasize that the more open the area where you are faster, the signal .


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