Turn your photos into works of art with the Portra application

Turn your photos into works of art with the Portra application


Yes, you can make art with your cell phone.

I'm not especially a fan of photo retouching apps. I'm more take natural pictures and if that edit some component of the shot I do not like. On the other hand, I'm not going to deny that the app I'm going to introduce you has some filters that are just awesome

Portra application available on Android, gets the effect of blurring on watercolors perfect. Edit our photos by entering the shots there is real art to make them well. Undoubtedly, a whole find that I want to enjoy with all of you.


Portra: art on your Android phone

Image taken from Uptodown Blog

What Portra does is simple: apply a blur filter on the photo we take or choose from the same gallery. And I do not mean the blurring of the double portrait. Have you seen the blur with watercolors that was seen in games like Child Of Light? Exactly that.

 Portra, or how to make your photos pure art in two touches </p>
<p style= It may seem a bit limited, but the possibilities offered by Portra are simply excellent. Plus, if anything stands out, it's the perfect blend between simplicity and quality. Because it's true that the filters are "limited" … but if you put them, put them right.

When we opened Portra, we found an ultra minimalist interface. We only have one button to take a photo from the gallery, the shutter to take the picture and another button to switch to the camera back or forward. It is in the editing area when we find most of the elements.

 Portra, or how to make your photos be pure art in two touches </p>
<p style= We have a slider to change the filter area and another to adjust its contrast. Below, in a bar, we can select the filters we want (which, by the way, you can only put one). Below, we will have a back button, buttons to share the photo on Facebook or Instagram, and a button to save the photo. We do not need more.

What about filters? Simply impressive. Not only we have a wide variety of filters totally free but each one is very hardworking and gives the photo a quality tone beyond any doubt. The colors are vibrant, the effect is well distributed throughout the area and does not appear to be a filter.

 Portra, or how to make your photos pure art in two touches </p>
<p style= Yes, we can only apply one filter at a time. But the effect that Portra gives us and how he applies it is absolutely incredible. The photo is well defined, very well colored and even with a very clear detail enhancement. Honestly, I never liked the photos with filters. But if I had to fill out my photo gallery, I would be delighted with Portra.

And the most incredible of all is that this app is available totally free in the Google Play Store without any publicity (or at least we did not find it) and without any kind of obstacle in its use. Simply incredible.

 Portra, or how to make your photos pure art in two touches </p>
<p style= Hopefully more developers have the same initiative as Portra's colleagues and offer us apps with this level of quality. In fact, I must say that if Portra had a version without ads, she would pay for it. So we want Portra to serve as an example for the quality of the Google Play Store to increase what it deserves.

Version: 2.0

Author: Playlist Corporation

Requires Android 5.0 and above


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