two ways to do it in beta

two ways to do it in beta


Being able to use a new version of Android on mobile phones that have some time is always good news. Usually we have to wait for the manufacturer to release the system update officially, but sometimes there are ways to make them before that, even with reservations.


This is the case of OnePlus 3, which received an update from its manufacturer in closed or private beta form and also obtained a ROM from the Lineage project team with the latest version of Android

Suffice it to say that both installations are viable but will not offer the same stability we will have with the expected final update within a few months, but if we do not want to wait we can already install Android 8.0 on OnePlus 3T .

OnePlus Private Beta

The first way is to be within the group that is receiving the private beta version of the new version.

But look, because it is a beta and being of the first versions there are many things that still do not work, for example the NFC. In addition, the stability of connections such as Wifi or bluetooth is not very high and while a new version of the beta arrives, we will be with a terminal that will not work as with Nougat

In two or three weeks, this beta will be made public so that anyone can install it and soon there will be new versions of this private beta to solve the commented faults

Using a lineage ROM

OnePlus 3 update to Android 8.0 Oreo: two ways to do it in beta "src =" wp-content / uploads / 2017/01 / logo-Lineage-OS.png "alt =" Update OnePlus 3 for Android 8.0 Oreo: two ways to do it in beta "

The other way to install Android 8.0 on OnePlus 3 is to use a ROM from the Lineage OS project, which already uses Android 8.0 as the base. As in the previous case, we are faced with unstable versions being the first ones, and this, although it allows to use the terminal in this version, has problems.

In this case, the application of camera does not work due to changes in system programming. Apparently, it is one of the biggest changes of Oreo and will be one of the most difficult aspects to be overcome. In addition, the Alert Slider button allows you to change modes between silence, sound and do not disturb, also does not work and bluetooth is not as stable as it should be.

To be a first version, it's not surprising that you have those drawbacks and little by little you're launching more polished firmwares. In this case, we can also install the ROM in OnePlus 3T.


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