TWRP for Android 8.0 is a reality after its last update

TWRP for Android 8.0 is a reality after its last update


A few years ago, to make root access to our Android phone, it was not a must, but it seemed like a lot to take into account. The doors that opened, the limitations that eliminated, everything was very much worth the effort.

However, it has not always been easy and to solve this, tools like TWRP have been created, a recovery that we can install on our mobile phones and, above all, has helped the less experienced in these tasks.

The news is that this application has just been updated and supports Android 8.0 Oreo, long before it is a massive version, which is always appreciated.

TWRP for Android 8.0 is not the only improvement

In addition to expanding compatibility with the new version of Android, eliminating flaws that occurred in previous versions with phones like Pixel 2, version 3.2 includes new features for backup copies.

We can restore backups we made using ADB directly from the TWRP GUI. It also fixes the error that occurred when restoring gzip using ADB.

Beside this we have support for the system's fstab 2 files and for ext4 FBE (file-based encryption) of Pixel 2.

Obviously, some minor bugs have been fixed, something that is always done when an application of this type is updated.

TWRP Installation

To install this version, we have to go to page of the project and look for our smartphone to see if it is compatible. Once you locate it, we can download the necessary files and follow the steps. We can keep the app up to date through the app that is available on the Google Play Store.

Version: 1.15

Author: Team Win LLC

Requires Android 4.0 and higher

Another option is to use applications like GooManager for which we obviously have to grant root access to our phone earlier.


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