Updated Android call app with floating button

Updated Android call app with floating button


Google has updated the Android app with one interesting detail: a floating button to track calls in the background. We no longer need to access the call to end or mute, for example.

Although our smartphone can do everything today, the most basic thing we can do is call . That's what cell phones were created for, and it's a small smartphone if we can not call it.

Google does not seem to forget this facet of smartphones and continues to add new features to this elementary function. The one that was released now allows us to control calls anywhere although it is more interesting the way in which Google did the update .

Android calls are updated


Leaving aside curiosity, the operation of this new button is simple. It will appear when we received a call in the background while we talked and used the phone at the same time.

One touch opens it horizontally and allows us to choose three options to disable and activate: speaker, mute microphone and hang call . This way, we can control the call even when we use other applications and without having to use an extended notification.

The feature takes a while in the test, but now is when Google is taking users. The funny thing is that it did update the application of AOSP calls not an application of the closed code, as is customary.

So far, Google has only updated this class of applications by releasing a new version of Android, by obligation. Being voluntarily updating the application again, is good news. And the update will not only come via Google Play for compatible devices; Those who want to flash a ROM can also enjoy it, for example.

Version: varies by device


Requires Android varies by device

Size: Varies by device


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