Waze is updated with road assistance among its users

Waze is updated with road assistance among its users


If you are using Waze and you have a problem on the road, you can now get help from other users. The application and driving path is updated with a button to send a distress signal.

Waze is one of the applications that most drivers use on the road. And not for the signs, but for huge community of users who have . The big advantage is that Waze is full of users who warn of road problems such as traffic congestion or an accident. So we can better plan our route and avoid retention.

talked about Waze because it was updated with a feature you want even more leverage than community that has . Waze users can indicate if someone is in trouble, but could not prove that they themselves are in trouble. So now we have a button that helps us helps users to ask us around.

Waze adds a button to call for road assistance


is quite simple to use. If we have a problem we just have to mark it in the application, as if it were a danger or retention. This will send a signal to another warning that someone has problems users as if an emergency signal were .

Of course, the decision to stop and help the driver remains with the receipt of the alert. But that will help you know that we have a problem and we could use the help. Perfect if you have a flat tire or have a problem with the car, for example.

This Waze function will already be available for Android with the latest update . Version of IOS has not yet received. We have tried to install the app and find this feature on Android, but it still does not appear.

The novelty appears in the application log change in English but not in Spanish. The more likely it is to be activated in the next few hours. If you do not have Waze yet, you can get the free app from the Play Store.

Version: Varies by device


Requires Android Variable with the device

Size: Varies by device


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