We invented several Samsung cell phones, guess what they are?

We invented several Samsung cell phones, guess what they are?


In the presentation of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 we had the opportunity to talk to some responsible Samsung Samsung.

In response to the question of why there were some models that went on sale in some countries but not in others, they explained to us that a few years ago they tried to reduce the number of units in their catalog

This move makes sense, especially due to the huge number of cell phones that came to present the company, which came astonish some users.


At one point, the Prime, Ace, Grand or Plus ranges were mixed, resulting in a huge variety of products . And this is what we will test in this week's test, because in contrast to other occasions, we will always ask the same question. Is there a Samsung mobile phone model?

Each slide will display a name that can be real or invented and two options that are always the same, exist or do not exist. Some models are more obvious than others, but it will be difficult to reach the 10 hits.

Oh, and this time in some responses, both positive and negative, you will have different videos to liven up the Forward test!


Android 7 presentation por zorro

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