We tested the Ulefone T2 Pro, an inspiration on the incredible iPhone...

We tested the Ulefone T2 Pro, an inspiration on the incredible iPhone X


Participating in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona implies being surrounded by people, technology and many mobile devices, especially the latter. Some are the ones who cover the covers, others remain in a hidden room of the fair waiting to attract the attention of those who get lost in these parts and others like the Ulefone T2 Pro try to draw attention with an innovative bet, but ephemeral in attention. I went to visit his position and try a cell phone that at first glance looked like another clone of the iPhone X. Bug.

I did not expect much from Ulefone T2 Pro as I said. Ulefone is not a very important Chinese brand, but with this smartphone gives a growing leap in quality. Yes, in design, they were guided by Chinese spirit, but the phone itself is handsome, very thin, the screen draws much attention and has details that are seen in very few phones.

I could not do an in-depth analysis because its leaders told me that it was not yet in its final form, but the time with it was enough to give me an idea of ​​whether it's worth it or not. I confirm: it deserves attention.

Characteristics of the Ulefone T2 Pro

The front design makes use of the "almost no frames" trend (really has very few) to reduce the final dimensions of the device. However, is large, very . In his hand he looks almost like a pill; even if it does not reach that limit where catching it is an inconvenience.

Do not expect the latest from Qualcomm because the range you're targeting is medium-high range7, but it's not that the T2 Pro Ulefone is a bad processor even though it's MediaTek. Below are the specs.

  • Display: 6,7 inches | 19: 9 | 2160 x 1080
  • Processor: Mediatek Helio P70
  • Memory RAM: 8 GB
  • Storage: 128 GB
  • Operating System: Android 8.1 Oreo
  • Front camera: 16 megapixels
  • Front camera: 16 megapixels

  • Rear Camera: Dual 21 + 13 Megapixels
  • Features:

  • Battery: 5000 mAh
  • Others: Integrated fingerprint reader | Facial Recognition

A very risky design despite its inspirations

 We tested the Ulefone T2 Pro, an incredible inspiration iPhone X </p>
<p> It is impossible to hide it: the Ulefone T2 pro panel uses the "<strong> notch display </strong>" to increase the diagonal of the screen without ruining the sensors and the front camera. It is the eyebrow of the iPhone X and has become fashionable, which we will do. Fortunately, the Chinese brand goes beyond this inspiration to make a very good and beautiful smartphone without almost depriving it of anything. </p>
<p> It's great, I said. It has navigation buttons on the screen, the frames are so thin that the feeling is to <strong> directly holding the screen </strong> the rear face is clean except the double camera at the top … And the goals stand out with the aesthetics of the iPhone 8 and below. The combination of inspirations is curious. </p>
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The model I had in my hand was not the definitive one, so Ulefone brought it to Barcelona with the plastic back instead of the glass with which it will definitely go on sale.

The Ulefone T2 Pro is a true mobile without frames: they are small

If we talk about glass and the Ulefone T2 Pro, we should also detail the fingerprint reader on the screen . This Ulefone model allows you to unlock by applying your finger on the panel, as the LIVE APEX first to integrate this sensor. The Ulefone boss assured me it was faster than VIVO, but I could not prove it. With T2 Pro, I had no problems.

Ulefone wanted to risk with its most impressive smartphone to remove the label of "cheap Chinese cell phone". The phone attracts a lot of attention and is attractive; without losing sight of the aluminum and the touch of quality. This surprised me a lot, and that I had trouble: I saw Asian phones to annoy. The Ulefone T2 Pr or otherwise obtains.

A future MediaTek Helio P70 as the core of the T2 Ulefone Pro

 The Ulefone T2 Pro is a true cell phone without frames: they are small "</p>
<p> The brand ensures that your smartphone comes equipped with a high-end MediaTek </strong> processor that the processor manufacturer has not yet introduced, something strange, even if it's a prototype. Since SoC is a higher version <a href= of the MediaTek P60 make sure it stays at a good time.

As far as I could prove to myself, the system moves very well. There are no problems in the operation, the applications start fast and without deceleration when switching between them. The Ulefone T2 Pro would come with the latest operating system version, Android 8.1 Oreo . The manufacturer's customization is minimal. And yes, Ulefone should polish an important aspect: the icons are cut into the corners of the top.

Upper icons are cut into corners, an error that Ulefon should repair

The 6.7 inch screen looks great. It's bright, maybe something warm, quite saturated and with enough clarity. Yes, I think Ulefone should expand the resolution a bit so it does not stay in Full HD + ; as much as I did not appreciate the glitches. It is the most prominent element of the cell phone: T2 Pro almost has no pictures, in its strictest sense.

We do not yet know all the hardware elements, will point to the high level in terms of capacity. 8 GB RAM, 128 GB storage and 5000 mAh battery . It's not something I can try, obviously, but it promises tremendous autonomy even if the screen is also large.

Chinese cell phone that wants to expand horizons, also photographic

 The Ulefone T2 Pro is a true cellphone without frames: they are small "</p>
<p> I could not prove this in the field of photography more than with a few tests to see how he got the cameras and fired. That said, the manufacturer is betting on a <strong> double rear sensor </strong> as is the trend; with a pair of sensors of 21 Mpx and 13 Mpx, the Ulefone did not confirm more details. I do not think it's in the top 10 of Android, but I'm also not betting on low quality in a generic way. And with a 16 Mpx front sensor for selfies to be immense in size. </p>
<p> Failing to analyze it in detail and to verify how this mysterious <strong> MediaTek P70 </strong> gives way, I can say that <strong> Ulefone T2 Pro </strong> was one of the smartphones that caught my attention more already passed in MWC 2018. It is very beautiful despite being inspired by the iPhone X, its minimal edges are amazing for the eyes and it is not short of betting on the power to ascend to a reach in which Ulefone intends to enter forcefully: <strong> the average with highs aspirations </strong>. </p>
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