What happened to the most amazing thing?

What happened to the most amazing thing?


We launched a new year and it was so reusable in 2017. It looks like yesterday when we were in full MWC 2017, being bombarded with news and news. A new edition of the MWC has passed and we have a question: What happened to what was presented last year?

To do this, let's review the ads that gave more than talk in one form or another, trying to clarify your current situation. Have they been forgotten? Is he among us available? There is only one way to know, let's get started!

Nokia 3310, the return of a classic


We started with a classic, never improved, one of the novelties that ran through the networks was the presence of a new Nokia 3310. The veteran and desired device that more than one user has ever had in his pocket.

What was presented in MWC 2017

Nokia's presentation arrived and there it was, a new [33459005] Nokia 3310 with color screen and its most representative game, Snake . A device that followed the essence of the original, was a phone neither more nor less, no smartphone or newer technologies. Among its attractions was its price, really affordable, but how would the reception of the user?

Nokia 3310 a year later

The repercussion of this classic has been quite discreet, the success of a device in which not being able to use applications like WhatsApp is really limited to a very specific sector. Of course, like large marketing campaign the new 3310 was a success. It made everyone look at what Nokia had prepared for the public.

In 2018, a new Nokia 3310 is expected, this time with 4G technology

Super mCharge of Meizu, ultra-fast charge

 Super mCharge of Meizu, ultra-fast load "</p>
<p> Meizu had his moment of glory in the past MWC, especially for the extravagant presentation to the fellows who covered the event. A long wait, watching as a phone charged surprisingly fast, but without any further addition to the subject. </p>
<h3> What was presented in MWC 2017 </h3>
<p> Thanks to a new 11V / 5A connector that can reach up to 55W </strong> Meizu guys showed us their new technology in which we could have a full charge in about 20 minutes. All without overheating the device or any deterioration of the battery. </p>
<h3> Super mCharge, one year later </h3>
<p> We researched and researched the Meizu catalog without success. Super mCharge technology stayed in the minutes of glory at the MWC last year. The only relatively related aspect is the use of mCharge technology in its latest devices. Although <strong> shows very modest figures </strong> than those 20 minutes of collection. </p>
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Xiaomi Surge S1, unexplored territory for the Asian giant

 Xiaomi Surge S1, unexplored territory for the Asian giant </p>
<p> We started the year 2017 with news that surprised both locals and strangers. Xiaomi has decided to enter the field of mobile processors. A somewhat risky move since it involved an attempt at "independence" from traditional SoC. </p>
<h3> What was presented in MWC 2017 </h3>
<p> And in total MWC, what was called <strong> Pinecone was renamed Surge S1 </strong> and would be the brain of one of the new devices of the Asian brand. It would be necessary to wait a little to check if this was the game or everything was on wet paper. </p>
<h3> What we have a year later </h3>
<p> No, it was not on wet paper, it is seen that what Xiaomi proposes finds. A few months after its launch, arrived the device that incorporated this new aspect of the manufacturer. Under the housing of <strong> Xiaomi Mi 5c was its processor Surge S1 </strong>. And the truth is that your first attempt has paid off, since, according to some tests, it is above Snapdragon 43. </p>
<p> by Qualcomm</p>
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OPPO zoom x5, miniaturization of analog zoom

 OPPO zoom x5, the miniaturization of the analog zoom "width =" 750 "height =" 311 "/> </p>
<p> Oppo brought us one of the pleasant surprises of the MWC, the miniaturization of the analog zoom on a smartphone. A system that would delight all amateur photography, leaving aside the "horrible" digital zoom. </p>
<h3> What was presented in MWC 2017 </h3>
<p> The Oppo players surprised with a device that had something new and revolutionary inside. Thanks to a new lens arrangement, they were able to achieve an analog zoom <strong> 5 magnification </strong> all without increasing the thickness of the device. Promised to be one of the revolutions of the year. </p>
<p><a title=

What we have a year later

A year has passed and we are still without news of this technology . There were some rumors in late 2017 about a possible Oppo blend, which has never seen the light. We did not see that this technology was used in the last terminals of the company. Fans of photography, we still expect their looks.

Not everything presented is intended for production

There is something to be clear about an event with these characteristics. The brands are in a tough fight to get our attention for a short period of time. For this they use different strategies, enjoying more or less success.

Proposals that become something tangible like the marketing campaigns Xiaomi Surge S1 or around the Nokia 3310 . Another possible destination is the presentation of something innovative, which then becomes something more modest. Or the simple fact of saying " we were the first " in case of patent infringement.

Anyway, in one way or another, these ads had their impact and also made the user feel that the wheel of evolution is still spinning. There is nothing worse than having the feeling that everything has stagnated, especially in the technological world.


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