What we can expect from Android Things in 2018

What we can expect from Android Things in 2018


We tell you how Android things have evolved, Google's internet platform for things and things we can expect from the Android stuff for this 2021.

The Internet of Things is one of those technologies that today occupy many headlines, but this is still in diapers. Many users still do not have a device in their home, and of the few who already use devices, they have one or two (probably smart light bulbs).

In recent months began to move the whole issue of connected devices thanks to participants like Google Home or Amazon Echo (which we know very little at the moment in Spain) and we saw all the releases we saw in the CES, it seems that the Internet devices of things will be increasingly present in our house.

Android Things: The Google project that is still under development


In late 2016, Google introduced Android Things, a project to bring all the benefits of Android to the growing Internet platform of Things.

If this internet of things seems new to you, we explain it briefly. It is a technology that allows you to create connected devices. These devices may be new creations, or intelligent and connected versions of devices that were already in our home, such as light bulbs, washing machines or even create our own connected surveillance system.

Throughout 2017 we could see how Google was improving its Internet platform Things with new versions, and is that, at the end of the year, we had until a sixth Preview of the developer . There is no final version of Android Things yet, but it should not be long before we know a final version.

Dedicated processors begin to arrive

What do I need to operate a device with Android Things? So far, if we investigate the Android Things developer site we will see that most Android-compatible products are developer boards, something that makes it difficult to find commercial products (something understandable, is under development).

During the current CES in Las Vegas, Qualcomm and Rockchip introduced hardware platforms dedicated to Android things . For Qualcomm, we have Snapdragon SDA212 and SDA624. On the part of Rockchip, we have a SoC known as RK3229 SOUND. They are not very powerful processors if we compare them with the latest generation of cell phones, but it is not a problem either, since they are oriented to much simpler operations, where energy consumption and space are even more important.

The arrival of processors dedicated to Android Things anticipates that small manufacturers can create their own devices.

Google Cast and Google Assistant, opening the door to new manufacturers

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<p> <em> Another great news for Android Things is that Google has opened the support of two of its most important technologies. We're talking about Google Assistant and Google Cast. </em> </p>
<p> From the first, we talked a lot and hard last year, and the Google assistant went from being unique so that a cell phone wants to reach any type of device, be it a cell phone, a watch or a smart speaker. </p>
<p> On the other hand, <strong> Google Cast </strong> is the technology used by Google so that we can send content from our mobile to a device capable of reproducing it. The clearest example is Chromecast and Chromecast Audio, devices that can send music or video to other devices. </p>
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What to expect from Android Things in 2018

All the news presented at the CES leave us with a good feeling. While moving in silence, Android Things is an important platform for Google, and its presence at CES is a taste of it. At a time when the participants and the Internet of things are growing, we hope Android Things has a prosperous future.

That Android things continued to improve does not mean that from one day to the next, we will have windows full of products . In fact, the most likely is that during this year we only know the tip of the iceberg than Android Things prepared for us.

We do not believe 2018 is the year of Android Things.

With the arrival of dedicated processors, what is likely is that we begin to see projects in the Kickstarter, or the arrival of even crazier ideas that we can build at home. In this aspect it promises to be very funny.

From my point of view, what I most expect from Android Things is that the devices that implement it interact with our cell phone in a natural way and not through the many Internet applications of existing things, where each manufacturer has its own platform . In the same vein, I hope Google wants Android things to be an open platform like LG or Samsung.


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