WhatsApp allows you to switch from audio connection to video call

WhatsApp allows you to switch from audio connection to video call


In the last beta of WhatsApp it is possible to change an audio call to a video call at the touch of a button. In Skype style, on those days when the camera needed to be enabled to be seen.

Facebook wants WhatsApp be an application for something more than instant messaging . It is the undisputed king in this respect, WhatsApp dominates among applications of messages in the middle of the world. But the great social network wants to make it the place we always use to stay in touch with friends, family … and businesses.

This is part of the reason why voice calls and video reached WhatsApp. It is another way to communicate that messages will not move in the short or medium term, so why not have everything in the same application? That makes a lot of sense, and also not news, apps like Skype have been doing this for years.


New button to switch to video call

And switching from a voice call to a video call can be instantly very practical. Imagine that you are talking to someone and want to teach something without having to take photos. Or the voice is low, and you want to see your caller while talking to him.

Luckily, WhatsApp seems to have thought of that right now. As we can read in WABetaInfo the last beta of the application has this detail: a button that changes call type instantly . If we are on an audio call, a push of the button and we will go to the video …

Of course, this does not change without more than one voice call to a video call. Before making the change, will ask the user we're talking to to confirm. That way, we can not activate your camera to betray. If you confirm the change, you will receive a video call, and if you do not confirm it, the voice call continues as before.

This new feature will be present on beta 2.18.1 of WhatsApp for Android but only if you have a phone with Android 6.0 Marshmallow or higher. You can automatically receive it if you're on WhatsApp beta on Google Play . If you're not, you can download APK from APKMirror to take advantage of the news now.


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