WhatsApp beta update with news for groups

WhatsApp beta update with news for groups


WhatsApp has decided to send an update to the beta version of Android with some new features indicated for group administration. And there are more traces of calls to these groups …

Today was a day moved in terms of instant messaging. WhatsApp has come a difficult competitor with the grace it has within its ranks: Instagram Direct was born to find the tickles for the star of the mail application. But of course, this does not think of falling behind, so it continues to follow its path of domination with a new version of the beta.

If you are within the beta version of WhatsApp, you have ignored an update: as WaBetaInfo data the last version loaded on the servers corresponds to 2.17.434, 2.17.436 and 2.17.437 . Minimum variations between the three version numbers with additions that come to improve user groups. There are some news, though none that invites you to think of a substantial jump. And speaking of invitations …

We can send invitation messages to join our groups

This is an imported WhatsApp for iOS news: now we can create a link to share with anyone . The process is simple: just access the information of the group in question and click on "Send link". Anyone who receives direct access can participate in less than the cost of saying "truffle cake".

Another new feature is that we can unlock contacts that we previously blocked from the same contact list . We will only have to press the payee and click on the message "Unblock and send a message". The action will be direct.

 WhatsApp beta update with news for groups "</p>
<p> Another of the traits that become increasingly evident is the group <strong> called </strong>. Although they are not active and can not be used, <strong> WaBetaInfo </strong> has obtained reliable information on upcoming group communications, a feature that will be available in the future. Also <strong> video calls with up to two guests </strong> three in total if we tell ourselves. </p>
<p> The rest of the minor innovations introduced are the following: </p>
<li> If you shake the phone with the application open, we can contact WhatsApp directly. </li>
<li> We will have new management options in the future: they are in the last beta, but they are not active. You can edit group information and send messages by silencing the rest of the users in the group. </li>
<h2> <img class= from the Apk Mirror .

Version: varies by device

Author: WhatsApp Inc.

Requires Android varies by device

Size: Varies by device


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