WhatsApp improves group notifications with new mentions

WhatsApp improves group notifications with new mentions


We've got a breakthrough on the way to the most used instant messaging app: group notification notifications. Does that sound? Yes, the same as those introduced by Telegram.

The WhatsApp groups are useful when appropriate messages are sent and there are no exaggerated numbers of contacts. But when a group has become twisted, it becomes evil personified; So the best solution is to silence it. And what happens when someone mentions us and this message is lost among all the envoys? Soon we will see a new icon mention .

If it sounds like what we're talking about, it's because you use Telegram and remember the "at sign" icon that appears when you join a chat group whenever you mention us. In fact, in WhatsApp, they have not eaten many of their heads: a blue arroba with the number of mentions which, by clicking it, takes us directly to the first unread key message.

Do not miss any messages you mention

WhatsApp improves group notifications with new mentions

After entering the mentions months ago as a simple method to catch the attention of another contact within a group, WhatsApp copied back to Telegram with a feature that saves a lot of work in the chat communities. What do you want to get the attention of someone from this crazy group with 50 people? An arroba, his name is ready: when he enters the group, you will find that he has something pending.

This new feature for mentions is not yet operational not even in the beta version of the application. As usual, WaBetaInfo has captured the pros and cons of the application showing the design and how it works. Simple and very visual: we will know that someone even quotes us, even if we have the chat silenced.

The novelty will soon come to the app: WhatsApp is struggling to improve the chat groups. We will have the mentions and also the group calls. Order, on the one hand, and chaos, on the other, the yin and yang of the messenger.


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