Xiaomi will improve the games in MIUI 9 with Game Speed ​​Booster

Xiaomi will improve the games in MIUI 9 with Game Speed ​​Booster


MIUI 9, the latest version of the Android modification made by Xiaomi, has an interesting novelty: Game Speed ​​Booster . One way allows games to work better by dedicating more features. MIUI 9 has already improved overall phone performance, but this mode of " high performance " is dedicated especially to video games.

The way Game Speed ​​Booster has to improve game performance is allocate all possible features to them. In addition to clearing the cache, it restricts applications from being updated in the background. It also prioritizes gaming on the connection, and may even prevent us from switching wireless networks during playback.


And, as we read on the phoneArena, all this works. Games with this mode are more fluid work better compared to usual. Of course, they emphasize that the phone calms more than usual as well. And we imagine will also lead to higher battery consumption since the processor requires more of the whole.

In addition, this mode not only improves performance. As other manufacturers do, the MIUI game mode allows to keep the screen brightness at a certain level, to turn off the navigation buttons to answer free hands calls and turn on do not disturb mode . We can configure it to do what we want when we play.

How to activate Game Speed ​​Booster on MIUI 9

  1. We access the MIUI security application
  2. We are looking for the section " Gaming Speed ​​Boost " in the middle
  3. You will see a screen showing the advantages of section
  4. Swipe right and press Start
  5. Will put a new icon on the desktop, blue with a button

Remember that we can add games so that automatically activates each time we play. Otherwise, we can activate it by hand every time we want to play. We can also use this application for customize what we want to do to do . We just need to select the tuning column next to the games column.

At the moment, this is only found in the global beta of MIUI 9 but I hope it reaches the whole world in the coming weeks.


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