Xiaomi will manufacture the Oculus Go virtual reality glasses

Xiaomi will manufacture the Oculus Go virtual reality glasses


The march of Hugo Barra for Facebook is bearing fruit: Xiaomi will manufacture Oculus Go and Mi VR, the exclusive version of these glasses that will only be sold in China.

We are in the middle of the CES technology event being held in Las Vegas. Many are the news circulating around the "technological" universe, but there is one that surprised us by the strangeness of the collaboration: Xiaomi and Facebook come together to create the most accessible virtual reality glasses of Oculus, the Oculus Go .

When Facebook bought Oculus in March 2014 we intuited that the intentions were to bet on virtual reality with an already consolidated base. Many opponents came later, but Oculus remained a promising VR platform and with plentiful content . Proof of this is the Samsung Gear VR store, for example. Also his intentions: to create a virtual reality glasses simpler than his system with PC and that are autonomous . Go Xiaomi.

Xiaomi will be responsible for manufacturing two VR glasses: the Oculus Go and an exclusive version for China only

Hugo Barra's trip to Facebook to direct the virtual reality section acquires full significance with the agreement reached Xiaomi and Facebook . The first will manufacture the Oculus Go glasses announced in October 2017 as a model accessible to any user. And the second will bring the Oculus application store to the Xiaomi platform, thanks to the compatibility of my VR glasses with the Oculus virtual reality SDK .

There will be two models of glasses manufactured by Xiaomi: the already announced Oculus Go and Xiaomi Mi VR exclusive version for the Chinese market that will offer identical hardware and, as we said, Oculus . This way, developers will have the option to seamlessly transfer their applications to the Chinese platform.

Both models are standalone, so they do not need any computer or cell phone to operate; unlike the current Oculus Rift, HTC VIVE, Samsung Gear VR or Google DayDream ; the person responsible for moving the applications will be Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 ; and the price of Oculus Go will be in $ 199 . Of course, we do not know the cost of Xiaomi Mi VR, but I'm sure they will be cheaper.

Virtual reality on the domestic level needs a boost

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<p> It can not be said that there are few ways to take advantage of virtual reality at home, but it is true that there is no universal way of <strong> offering quality HR access </strong>. Google Cardboard is the best of attempts without the experience being 100% immersive, and others require a specific device. Computer in the case of VIVE or Oculus Rift, Samsung's high-end Gear VR, <strong> one of the few phones compatible with Google DayDream </strong> … Oculus Go would solve the problem by giving access to an application and game store varied and quality. </p>
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We do not know availability for the Oculus Go and Xiaomi Mi VR but probably they can be purchased over this 2018.


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