Xposed Framework is already compatible with Android Oreo in its latest beta

Xposed Framework is already compatible with Android Oreo in its latest beta


The famous Android modification tool is already compatible with Android Oreo. Great!

There are applications or "mods" that in the darkest times of Android were indispensable tools for a decent use of our device. One of the most important was Xposed Framework . It consisted of an application that allowed you to install modules and improve the system with them. Although, of course, it was something reserved for users root .

The Xposed Framework has been stuck in Nougat for some time. Now in its latest beta, we find that it has compatibility on Android Oreo the latest version of our favorite operating system. And we can prove that, although we warn you that it's a beta and not suitable for everyday use.


Xposed Framework is already on Android Oreo

This was announced by the application's main developer, rovo89 on XDA Developers . Although not all the code is revealed, you can already try to install this application to whomever you want. Although it is clear, you will need root access on your device and you will have flaws like in any beta software.

But what is Xposed? It is software that will allow us to add additional functions to our system without having to change the ROM. These functions can be found in the form of modules which, thanks to Xposed, we can install and thus squeeze the maximum of Android. These modules are created by the Xposed community.

To install Xposed on your phone, you will need root access and a custom recovery. If you do not know how to get root access on your phone or have a personalized recovery, we recommend that you follow the tutorials you have at El Androide Libre and that will inform you throughout the process.

 Xposed Framework is already compatible with Android Oreo in its latest beta "</p>
<p> You only need to install the Xposed Framework application and display the Xposed .zip file as if it were a custom ROM. This should be done <strong> with extreme caution, </strong> as this may cause problems on your device. Free Android is not responsible for any damage it may cause to your device by performing these steps. </p>
<p> And another thing to keep in mind is that at this time this project is <strong> in beta. </strong> This means it is not stable and is available for testing and not for everyday use by a typical user. So you can try it if you want but we recommend you wait for the final version if you take advantage of the latest version of Android on your mobile phone. </p>
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