You do not need an assistant, even in the refrigerator, but you...

You do not need an assistant, even in the refrigerator, but you will have


Personal assistants have not only come to stay, but also talk to you of almost any device. And it's literal.

I got up like every day, with the same dream and following the same routine. Try to open your eyes when the alarm goes off, stop on the third "put off", get up and try your clothes because I still have not gotten my eyelids. "Ok, Google" I said out loud. The alarm clock screen continued, alerting the listener for more than I had been hearing since I bought it. "What time is it today?" "Today there is rain forecast, Ivan. You better get the umbrella."

I was able to put on my clothes, leave the room and start the phone. Also the power range that distributes the light to the router, to the TV, to the sound bar, to the Android TV and to the surveillance camera of the dining room. Once the electronic ignition routine was completed, I activated the body on the same level, so I went to the kitchen to prepare the appropriate cup of coffee. That's right, before playing music .

"Ok, Google.Replicates Ed Sheeran." The Google Assistant activated the television, the mobile, the sound bar, the camera waited for instructions and also the clock; those seconds before I have put on the wrist after removing it from the charging base. I stopped talking and waited to hear all the devices being disconnected. I opened Spotify on my phone and gave it to play manually . How to put the batteries "Sing" good morning.

Why not order a well-loaded coffee from the coffee maker?

For a morning of sleep, there's nothing like a well-loaded coffee, my father already said that; or having slept enough the night before, because I did not stay up on the Netflix Internet, but I'm going to fix it tonight. I went into the kitchen, the lights came on when I sensed movement, and I chose a clean cup from the dishwasher. "Okay, Google. Double Espresso" said he'd put the cup on the coffee machine tray. The small screen recognized the message and set everything in motion to grind the coffee and prepare the delicious dark elixir. "You still have coffee in the pantry. Do you want me to order another bundle?" . The refrigerator was going to roll. I passed her.

I recognize that my house is technically overly. I can not help it, I like the pots as much as Google the data of those who use them. I started with cell phones, smartwatches, televisions, smart screens, devices that received their dose of intelligence with their respective personal assistant … Anyway, I could talk even with the heating. It's not a joke.

When did this desire begin to connect all devices and add a recognition system to interact with them using the voice? It seemed like a good idea on cell phones, or on a TV. Okay, also in home automation: turn on the lights without raising your butt while you dip your hand in the bowl of popcorn, what a pleasure. But this desire to put an assistant on everything that has a chip is absurd, every time I have less desire to use the voice with the vessels.

We do not need a virtual assistant on every device, but that does not matter

 You do not need an assistant in the refrigerator, but you will have "width =" 1300 "height =" 740 "/> </p>
<p> All of the above is a parody that exaggerates the ubiquity of the participants, but do not think it's crazy: we're moving towards an immediate future where we can have <strong> Google Assistant, Alexa, Cortana or Siri </strong> ] on almost any connected device. Speakers, screens, gadgets, headphones … Nothing will get rid, manufacturers are determined. </p>
<p> Having a mobile assistant is sometimes practical, especially when you can not interact directly with a screen. On a clock too, on some speakers, even on a TV. But the desire to go further does not make much sense: neither is it practical <strong> we are prepared to interact in this way with our everyday objects </strong>. </p>
<p> Do you see yourself talking to the refrigerator? Or preparing a double coffee that dictates the order to the coffee machine? It sounds comical, and I think so, but we have it on top of that. </p>
<p> "Okay, Google. Publish this article." </p>
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