YouTube will have dark mode, incognito navigation and more gestures

YouTube will have dark mode, incognito navigation and more gestures


YouTube is by far the most commonly used app for consuming video, but that does not mean it has more features, though it may not be necessary.

However, in Google they take care of what is one of their flagship products (today there is no real alternative besides some very specific niches) and they continue to try new options.

Some of them are those that were analyzed analyzed the APK of the last update that the company released, corresponding to version 13.01.52 . And we have three new features, some expected a long time ago.

Dark Mode on YouTube


The first of the news is the most striking and it seems that we will have the ability to activate a dark mode natively in the Youtube application, without having to resort to modified applications . ]

Slide to skip ads

Another code string has the "Slide to jump" line in an area dedicated to advertisements. It looks like soon we'll have to swipe our finger on the screen when we want to skip an ad instead of clicking a specific button.

Incognito mode

The last string of code that interests us speaks about disabling the incognito mode which implies that there will be a way to activate it. This can be useful for doing in-app searches that do not want to stay in history or that are useful for the system to recommend related videos.

These functions are currently being implemented in the code, at least partially, but are not being activated so that they can be taken and even deleted before they become real.

However, it does not seem that the most important, the dark way, will give any problem, after all it is simply an aesthetic modification.


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